Best Kids Apps for Android to Keep Your Kids Entertained

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Best Kids Apps


Are you working from home and have no idea how to keep your child entertained? Are you running out of ways to keep your child happy and entertained while you are completing your daily chores? Are you feeling lost? It is absolutely okay if you are – trust us, we have been there and successfully survived the phases!

You might consider your Android device a bane on your child’s mind. But why should that be? Technology need not always be harmful to your child’s development. It can also be beneficial in the long run, especially if it keeps your child occupied for long periods of time. So without wasting any further time, let’s find out the best applications for Android devices that can entertain your child!

Keep reading to find out more on the same.

Best Kids Apps For Android To Keep Your Kids Entertained:

Don’t worry the internet is not out there to harm your kid. You just need to be smart about the same. So scroll down and find out the best kids’ apps for Android right now!

ABC Kids:

One of the best educational applications on Android at the moment, ABC Kids is perfect for little kids who are currently in the earliest stages of education. In addition, the application is simple to use, so much so that it might be considered too simple for older kids.

The ABC Kids application primarily focuses on learning alphabets, a small dosage of writing, and phonics. Activities like word association, letter matching, and lowercase to uppercase can keep your child entertained for hours, making this one of our favorite applications.

Price: Free


  • No in-application purchase
  • No advertisements
  • Can be downloaded for free


  • Too simple for relatively older kids
  • Exiting the application might be tricky for kids at times

Google Play Books:

Arguably one of the best learning applications on the Play Store at the moment is Google Play Books. The best part? You can find any type of content for kids of any age, keeping your child entertained for all the right reasons and that too for the right amount of time.

Moreover, the type of content feature is great because it includes comics, language-learning material, and the like. Thus, if you have been prioritizing language learning for your child, then why invest in expensive language learning apps when you can take the help of Google Play Books to teach your child any language of your choice.


Price: Free or sometimes the cost of books can vary.


  • The application comes free of cost though some books might ask you to pay
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Many choices when it comes to content


  • Not all options are free. So you will have to spend some money.
  • Contains content for adults, too, so you need to keep your child away from the same.

Kids Doodle:

One of the best drawing applications for kids, the Kids Doodle app is a pretty cool space for keeping your child occupied, The best part? A crazy black background with neon-glow for your drawing style. Sounds way too cool, right? If you are finding this cool, think about your child!

And that’s all. There are several other filters, brushes and effects – you can even re-watch how you drew. Moreover, the dedicated gallery enables users to view past works. So even if you are busy, you can check your kids work later!

Price: Free


  • Can be downloaded and used free of cost
  • A crazy playback feature
  • Visually appealing and aesthetic


  • Can be difficult for younger kids to understand.

PBS Kids

PBS made it’s name initially for making great children’s content. As a result, with changing times what happened was PBS came up with an application for Android devices and even that it rocked! You will fin so many great kid’s shows like Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train, and more.

The interface is pretty user-friendly but for smaller kids, parents will definitely have to start the app. However, that’s totally cool because the app also has the Chromecast support – so you can easily watch the same content on your television. Read more: Content Rally, Smart Business Daily, Mashum Mollah,  Sb News Room.

Price: Free


  • The app is free to download and use
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • The app has Chromecast supportive features so you can watch the content on television.


  • Younger kids might find it difficult to start the videos

Wrapping Up:

Exposing your child to the internet from an early stage is perhaps one of the best ways to keep your kids safe on the internet. Check out the apps mentioned above and let us know your thoughts on the same!

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