Helpful Techniques for Remote Learning

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Remote Learning

Remote learning has become the new norm especially after the global pandemic hit. It is quite a safe bet to say that everything seems to have changed within a blink of an eye. Everyone now seems to have adjusted with this dynamic transition, and you know what these changes are becoming more and more consistent day in day out! The following post emphasizes the significance of remote learning. 

What is Remote Learning?

As the name implies, remote learning is the process of learning from a distance using several online modes and methodologies for education. Gone are the days when you were compelled to take your child for face to face education, now the scenario has shifted to a digital space with the help of educational apps.

Now Synchronous And Asynchronous Learning are some of the common methodologies that are preferred across the globe especially in the eLearning realm. What exactly are these types? Well, synchronous ones are considered when physical brick and mortar classrooms are involved. It’s more kind of a self-learning environment where students can learn independently. Though remote learning can be said as one kind of synchronous learning. Even while learning online, you do have the liberty to interact and learn independently. In other words, your traditional classroom has made it online.

Call it remote learning, distance learning, online learning, virtual learning, hybrid learning all these concepts have started gaining momentum like never before. It may quite interest you to know that to conduct remote learning, minimal amount of technology is required. In fact, during the lockdown, we all have witnessed how numerous elementary school districts from all across the world have opted to keep up with challenging peak. And since we all have unlimited access to the internet, both teachers and students could make it in time.                  

Further I would like to mention certain strategies that must be taken into consideration when conducting home learning.

#1 Space is important

One of crucial factors to take into account is defining a dedicated space or an area to learn. For example, design a remote learning desk. The ideal thing to do is create a space for your child where he or she isn’t prone to any distractions and as a parent, even you can keep the tabs on your little one – again without disturbing them. You see, creating a learning space where students can feel comfortable and focus on their jobs is important. How about you try mimicking the environment from the traditional classroom?

#2 Flexibility

Have you ever wondered why remote working or remote learning is so much in demand these days? Is it just because we don’t have any other option due to COVID pandemic? Of course not! The concept has gained popularity due to its high-end flexibility. Flexibility to learn from wherever they feel like. In addition, gone are the days when students were compelled to do things in a particular way but no more, in remote learning there is no fixed way to accomplish tasks.

In fact, several choices are given just to see how well have they understood the concept. Now can this be implemented realistically? Of course yes! You see now students have no need to explain things vaguely, they can either create a slideshow or write a specific timeline, using Google docs or PowerPoint presentation.  

#3 Use different tools

Another strategy to take into account is to try using different ways to teach. Yes, you can use games, music or several video streaming platforms just to gain attention from your students. Try using Kahoot,, where you can come across several games and team building exercises for your students. Apart from this,  Private messaging with Zoom and document collaboration with Google Drive is also a good strategy to take into consideration. Also, it makes the lives of both the student and the teacher easier.

Parting Words

So that’s all for now! These are some of the finest strategies to take into account while conducting remote learning. Effective communication, minimal distraction, well-organized space are some of the core aspects of any successful remote learning phase. So what are you sitting tight for? Time to take some action!

I hope the following post has fulfilled its objective. In case you still have any doubt or query, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

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