Simple Ways to Learn Maths with an Abacus At Home

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Learn Maths with an Abacus At Home


If you are a parent and desire to teach maths to your kids in an engaging manner, the abacus can always help. Well, the abacus is nothing but a simple calculating tool that originates from 2700-2300 BC.

Although it is an ancient tool, many people still use it to solve calculations. So, you can consider it as a relevant financial tool of the present.

Quite obviously, you can still find a lot of clerks from Africa and Asia using the abacus tool to keep their account books.

Now, you might be thinking about how to make your kids learn maths at home with the tool, right? So, go through the points given below to know everything in detail.

Ways To Learn Maths With Abacus

Here are some of the convenient ways to learn maths with the help of an abacus. Have a look:

1.  Learning How To Count

Learning the counting process can be easy with an abacus tool. You can follow the following approaches:

Match My Move: Get to a starting position with the abacus tool. Make sure the beads remain on the same side. Now, you can ask your child to choose one of either tier. All he has to do is match your count.

Go through the case study below and you can understand it properly:

Case Study: Suppose, you move one bead on your tier, and your child repeats it. So, you make your child count 1. Now, you can increase the numbers accordingly.

Counting Game: You can start counting games when your child becomes accustomed to basic counting. In this case, you can move certain beads and ask your child about the number you have moved.

Now, if your child is really comfortable with counting, expect him to give the right answer.

2. Learning Addition

Right after counting, you can make your child learn addition with the help of the abacus. For example, you choose a problem like 3+3= 6.

In this case, you need to move three beads to the left. Later, you can add three more to the left. Now allow your child to solve the case. Check if your child is able to move all sic beads again to the right’.

So, you can consider that your child has learned how to add two numbers with the help of an abacus.

If your abacus has more tiers, you can make your child learn more complicated maths problems. At the advanced level, you can even make him solve the simplification problems.

As per your information, the two advanced addition techniques you should make your child learn are- ‘The 10 Strategy’ and ‘The Two 5s Strategy’.

3. Learning Multiplication

Your child can learn multiplication easily with your help with the abacus tool. Well, for this you would need a setup that has four or more tiers.

Now, you can ask your ward to enter 5, or four times on the tool. As a result, he would place 5 beads simultaneously on all four tiers. Now, it is all about counting.

So, it is clear that with an abacus, your child can learn multiplication by following the addition approach.

In this case, it would be 5+5+5+5= 20.

4. Learning Subtraction

It is quite obvious, that subtraction is the process that you can represent in an abacus just as a flip to addition. So, in this case, it is all about moving the beads left to right.

However, you should make your child understand the place value system. So, he can subtract the smaller number from the larger number. Read more: RSl Online, Real Wealth Business.

5. Counting Two-Digit Numbers

Counting tow digit numbers can be easy if your child knows how to do basic counting. Moreover, your abacus tool should have two tiers of beads.

Now for the two-digit number say 75, the top tier should have seven beads while the bottom one would have five beads on the left. So, your child can count the number of beads and reach the conclusion that the number is actually 75.

Now, with the help of this process, you can make your child learn the process of addition and subtraction with two digits. Read more: Online Health Media, Tech Trends Pro, Follow The Fashion, Search Engine Magazine, Social Media Magazine.

Final Words

Although the abacus tool can look like a toy, it is very helpful for your child to learn counting and arithmetics. In addition, it is an engaging tool that would help your child improves the level of concentration while counting and solving arithmetics.

Now, you can follow these approaches and make sure your child learns mathematics in a proper manner. It can help him for life.

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