The Stress-Free Guide to Studying

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The Stress-Free Guide to Studying

Believe it or not, you can get good grades in college classes without any stress! You can study, take the test, and be 100% happy with the results.

Unfortunately, only about 1% of college students actually feel this way. What is it that they have that you don’t? Is it because they are really smart and they were born with all the knowledge in the world?

Of course not!

You are just as smart and just as capable of getting good grades as anyone else is. You have to start believing this immediately because I assure you it’s 100% true.

The only difference between you and the person that is breezing through classes is their study habits. But now you can learn what it is they are doing that you are forgetting to do.

You will get to know the art of stress-free studying, so you no longer have to cram all night for tests.

You won’t have to constantly look back over the material and re-learn everything. You will already know everything. You will also notice that you have to study far less than you did before. You will know the material so well that it would be a waste of time to study the material anymore.

What are these magical habits that all the geniuses do that you aren’t doing? Let’s find out.

Learn the Material Immediately 

The biggest reason why hard-working individuals such as yourself don’t get the grades that you want is because you don’t learn the material immediately.

Now I’m not talking about having the ability to instantly understand everything that is presented to you. I’m talking about learning the current material without falling behind.

Here’s a great question to ask yourself: “If I had to take a test right now over all the material we have done so far, would I be ready?”

You should be able to answer this question with an emphatic “YES!”

If you can’t, then you are in trouble!

This is really the secret to studying as little as possible. When you are behind in a class, then you are probably having a hard time understanding the current material. And when you don’t understand the current material, you are falling further and further behind.

This makes it so much harder to catch yourself back up. If you are like most college students, you learn bits and pieces of the material. And then whenever the midterm or final comes around, you try to learn everything that you didn’t pick up on the first time around.

This right there is exactly why the supposed “gifted” kid is doing better than you.

When you get into this good habit, you no longer have to study very hard for the big exam. You already know the material. All you have to do is a little review session to refresh your memory of all the things that you have already picked up on.

This is the greatest stress-free studying habit to get yourself in to. It’s your secret to becoming the smart kid. The only problem is, how can you get in the habit of learning the material immediately.

That is what is next

Read The Material Before Class 

You will be absolutely amazed at what this will do for you. Especially in Math classes. And that is to read the chapter or assignment before you walk into class.

Your ability to understand the material will dramatically increase! The more you know about the material the professor is talking about beforehand, the more you are going to pick up on it.

You will find yourself instantly absorbing everything that the professor says. You will then find it much easier to pay attention in class because everything makes a lot more sense.

Keep in mind that you can’t do this with every class you take. Some professors don’t even have a clue themselves what they are going to talk about during class. But most professors follow a syllabus that they stick to as much as possible.

Make sure you read ahead and have at least a general understanding of the material. The more you know the better. Change your habit of falling behind and get in the habit of being ahead.

The top students aren’t smarter than you. They have more than likely learned the material at a previous time. When they first tried to learn the material, they struggled every bit as much as you are struggling right now. They are just farther ahead of what is needed to know for the class.

Become that person that already knows the material and you will find yourself getting much better grades than your fellow classmates.

Learn What You Didn’t Understand 

Hopefully, everything that was said in class made perfect sense to you. But often times this isn’t the case.

This is where we usually just forget about it for a while and try to learn it later. But by doing this, you build up more and more things that you need to learn right before the exam.

This is why people have to pull all-nighters. It’s because they put off all the things they didn’t understand in class for a later time.

If there was a topic in class that you didn’t pick up on, immediately do whatever it takes to learn that concept. If you don’t have a class, then crack open your book and try to figure out what the professor was saying.

And if you still can’t figure it out, either meet with your professor or ask one of your classmates as soon as possible.

That one little thing you didn’t learn will really get you behind. Because you probably need to know that thing to learn whatever will be discussed the next day.

And it just keeps building and building until finally you are so far behind you have no way of catching yourself back up.

No More Stress 

By keeping up with things, you can have a lot less stress which will make it even easier for you to learn the material. I know it sounds like a lot more work to read the material before class. And then read what you didn’t understand after class.

And initially, it does. But in the long run, you save so much more time because you won’t have to constantly review everything that has been covered. So you can spend your time doing much more enjoyable things then schoolwork.

I know that once you will get into these habits you will be amazed by how much your grades will improve. You will find your classes to be way more interesting.

And the most important thing about this is you truly learn the material.

When you have to cram everything at once, you remember most of it in time for the test. But then you forget everything shortly after.

If you learn it during the whole semester, it stays with you forever. So, when these same concepts come up in the next class take you will still know it.

It’s important to get in these habits as early as possible in your college career. That way you can apply what you learned in your next class. And then unto the class after that.

And then finally unto your career. Where it really matters!


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