5 Creative Ways to Learn Math through Fun Activities

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5 Creative Ways to Learn Math through Fun Activities
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Math might be a hit or miss subject for all students. When students have to learn math, there usually no middle ground. This will make it a difficult subject for the teachers when it comes to teaching. In order to help out help the students to learn math in class and have the confidence to transfer the skill to the real life situations, educators should find out a better way to teach the subject.

Given below are some creative ways to learn math through fun activities.

Make It a Game

Whether it is board games or old school cards, a puzzle or something more high-tech kids tend to be attracted to it.  Many kids will be drawn into hand-on activities, particularly if there is an element of competition with the sibling or the parent.

Put Screens to Work for You

Kids tend to love their devices and there are many games and apps which help in reinforcing and teach the concept of math. If you take suggestions from people, you will come across parents raving about games which will help in honing the skills that the students have.

Show Them the Relevance

Kids are usually turned off when they do not see a purpose for what they are learning.  Thus, it is necessary to constantly show them how math will prove to be useful in their life. You should involve them in activities such as baking and cooking, checking temperature, telling time, and using money.  Older ones can help in estimating the grocery bill when you are shopping and little ones can sort the coins.

Watch Your Words

Parents might try to be helpful to the students by saying that they were never really good at math or that the kids take after them. They need to encourage the child to embrace challenges and find fun in process of developing their brain. Moreover, a parent should not use the word drill as it might remind one of dental work or home repair.  Using the word practice will appear more positive and the kids will be able to connect that to sports and the various other areas where they know that they will have to put in the work in order to get the result.

Access the Best Resource You Have- The Teacher

Many math program pulled from at school will have suggestions for ideas and games which can be sent home. However, it is better not to overwhelm the families. In case you want something to reinforce what is being taught to the student, you should not hesitate to ask the teacher if he/she has any ideas. You can ask the teacher for manipulative which you might not possess such as miras, base ten blocks, teaching clocks, geometric solids.

If you show a bit of enthusiasm, the above suggestion is going to help your child to learn math even more.

Importance of Mathematics

  • There are truths that people look for and which are based on the evidences and not just on emotions. This is a thought which will allow people to be alert for others, as well as for themselves, to manipulation and deception. This is possible as mathematics allows you to reason logically and clearly considering the real data which can be verified. Mathematics Tuition teachers have to say that mathematics education is fundamental as it will teach a student to think.
  • In new technologies, mathematics is applicable to other sciences. As a matter of fact, many of the factors of the daily life are governed by the exact sciences. Learning mathematics will enable a student to solve a problem and reach the truth.  There is no when it comes to this as it is logical and objective. Moreover, it helps in general to deepen and think what they face with complex problems.
  • It is almost impossible to live an independent life without basic math skills. A child starts learning about money at early elementary grades. In later stages, they can calculate fractions and percentages. People need to have these skills to follow a recipe, evaluate if an item on clearance is a good deal or not. It is also necessary for managing budget.
  • Every entry-level job in fields seemingly unrelated to mathematics will require math skills. Cashiers should be able to count the money in an accurate manner and a customer service representation should be able to discuss the problem in the customer’s bill. The students who are skilled at math and seeking higher degree will find high-paying careers like medicine, engineering, and research becoming available to them. However, students are not interested in these careers need advanced math skills since they have to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in any field.

In order to experience all the opportunities that mathematics offers, you have to help a child to love math and the above mentioned techniques will help you to do so.

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  • September 27, 2018 at 5:29 am

    Engage children in block play that allows them to do mathematics in numerous ways, including sorting, seriating, creating symmetric designs and buildings, making patterns, and so forth.


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