Are You Creating “Right” Quizzes for the “Wrong” Audience?

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Are You Creating Right Quizzes for the Wrong Audience

These Signs Can Tell The Story

Making others understand what you want out of them is a herculean task, especially when you are asking a butcher to bake a chocolate cake for you. Not just this, when you start a business (the cake shops maybe?), you have to understand what your customers like and dislike and then only you can be a success. But you cannot go door to door asking people what flavours they like the most in their cakes. So, how do you gather knowledge and ask the right people the right questions before setting up shop or later?

Simply by the way businesses sell these days is by advertising on social media sites. By posting short videos on Facebook, by tweeting, by posting on Instagram or by making users answer certain questions by creating quizzes etc. This way, you can get an idea as to what your target audience likes or dislikes and you can easily go up from there. Keeping your audience engaged at all times is equally important when it comes to running a successful business.

Why find the right audience to ask questions to?

Why do new advertisements keep coming up for the same set of sunglasses every now and then? So that if you had not bought them because you did not like the first commercial, you may like the second one and run to the shop. But it happens quite often that people ask the right questions from the wrong audience. Let’s say you have created a quiz to understand what flavours of cake and muffins people like these days. Now everyone loves cake, no doubts about that but what if the area where you have your shop only have youngsters living in it or just oldies? But you end up selling boring carrot cake to the youngsters and vegan cakes to the oldies. The horror!!!

Ask the right audience

To avoid such a conundrum, you have to find out what people like, understand their needs, likes, dislikes and especially you have to know the demographics of your area and then go online and create the right quizzes to make the best cakes for the right consumers. It sounds like a tedious task but it really isn’t.

You just have to take care of a few things and understand who your target audience is. Then if you are selling cakes from a shop or fashion jeweler online, you will never fail.

Questions to ask while finding your target audience

  • What age group do they fall into?

Now that you have established that the people you will be selling to is let’s say, youngsters in college, you have to start thinking about what the youth likes. You have to make such youngsters online take quick and short quizzes in order to get the most relevant information out of them.

Also remember, you don’t have to hiring pay per click and such services to get surveys done worldwide, just go small so that people in your area will also get a chance to participate in the quiz and give their feedback

  • It’s a mixed crowd or gender biased?

Now, imagine that women like chocolate with strawberries while men like chocolate with blueberries. So, in order to save on your advertising campaign, you have to focus your surveys and quizzes on the gender that mostly populates your area. Also, you can have free muffins for women around women’s day and football shaped muffins during the football season. Ask your audience what they like and then work accordingly

  • How are they staying updated with local stuff?

It’s very important to know as to from where your targeted group is getting their updates about surroundings? Do they watch the news? Read tweets? Or go to Instagram and Facebook every now and then. Once you find this out, you can advertise your shop and things accordingly on the right platform

  • Do you know the demographics well?

If you know that the youngsters living in the area where you have your shop are mostly college going students, then you should focus your advertising campaign and surveys on this set of audience to understand their needs the best

  • Are you tolerant and patient?

You have to understand that there are different kinds of people in this world and all these kinds will read, see and comment to what you are posting. You have to be patient enough for them to understand you, and then come to you. Not everyone will come buy the cake or the clothes that you are selling as soon as they see your post. Some may take more than a few weeks to answer your quiz or even come to your shop to take a look. Patience is key. If you are good, the crowd will come

Now that you know what your right target audience is, you should start making the right surveys, quizzes, short videos and tweets to get the attention of your customers and also to understand the needs of the right audience. Things don’t change overnight; the right people will not start taking your quiz the same day that you put it up. Everything takes time and this will too. Have this little thing called faith.


The questions to ask are right in front of you and so is the solution. Take the steps and climb the ladder of success. Remember- It’s not just about asking the right questions, it’s also about asking these questions from the right audience. Have some cake!!


Author Bio:

Angela White is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing for the consumer market in the areas of product research and marketing using quizzes and surveys. Having a knack for writing and an editorial mindset, she is an expert researcher at ProProfs: a brand that’s known for creating delightfully smart tools such as Quiz Maker Software.

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