8 Ways to Keep a Positive Mindset During Examinations

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The difference between those who crack the CAT exam and those who don't - PRAQTISE - India's most fun, adaptive and personalized online preparation platform for MBA entrance tests like CAT, XAT,Stress and anxiety seem to be your constant partner while you start preparing for the final exams. Ignoring these conditions can only worsen the situation for you. And in the due course of time, students tend to lose their motivation to perform well in the exams.

Since your exams are around the corner, you might be quite tense about your last-minute preparations. To help you cope with such stress and tensions, we have a long list of ideas to practice to help you stay positive and motivated throughout the exam season.

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What are the ideas to keep a positive mindset during the exams?

  1. Routine Is Necessary For All

When you have limited time, you need to practice preparing a schedule for every event. A timetable should be your priority before you start your revisions.

Why? A timetable helps you to distribute your tasks equally, even within a strict deadline. As a result, you do not end up wasting your valuable time as well as your peace of mind. From day-to-day activities to relaxation, you need to include every detail in your timetable to gain maximum out of it.

  1. Why Are You Exhausting Your Brain?

You are already under a lot of stress due to the exams. You do not have to overburden yourself for the same. Yes, it might get a little overwhelming for many students with the mere thought of completing the entire syllabus for the exam.

But overburdening your brain will only harm your health. The more you give in to the situation, the worse it gets for you. So, why not give some much-needed rest to both the body and your brain? Studies show that relaxing while preparing for your exams can lower stress and anxiety.

  1. Prepare Wisely, Stay Focussed

Until you have prepared yourself for the exams, you do not know what works best for you. And it is only you who can determine the suitable, appropriate way to prepare for your exams. Therefore, do not get stressed over the ways your friends are preparing for the finals.

Instead, be clear about your requirements and prepare a holistic way to work it out. And while doing so, do not forget to self-assess yourself to understand your progress clearly. Finally, get into mock tests to check your performance.

Why? That is because such tests can give you a clear picture of your preparation and help you stay motivated for the outcome. For example, you are preparing for the IELTS. To get a higher ranking, you must find the best IELTS Coaching available for these exams that offer you both professional guidance along with excellent mock exams.

  1. Appreciate Your Achievements

How often do you reward yourself for your achievements? In most scenarios, people burden themselves with guilt and shame when they fail to achieve something. But not many people reward themselves when they succeed in their lives. There we go wrong.

When you punish yourself with negative thoughts for failing anything, why not appreciate your journey? If you want to keep yourself motivated throughout your preparation stage, it is essential to distinguish your achievements while rewarding yourself for the same. Rewards tend to encourage us, even if the journey is too long and full of hardships.

  1. Be Clear About Your Strategies, Say No To Comparisons

Unnecessary comparisons can only put a stop to your efforts. Therefore, try telling your friends and families about your exam preparation strategies and how they can help you achieve better results. Not everything works for every individual.

And if you feel like being under a lot of pressure, then it is time to take a step back, think, and make things clear before it starts getting unbearable. Let them know how focused you are on your studies and how your strategies can benefit you. Clearing things with your loved ones can bring relief to both you as well as your near ones.

  1. Skipping Lunches Won’t Help

Stop cutting down on calories and sleep. Understand that your body requires proper hydration, rest, and food to keep through such stressful circumstances. Therefore, take care of your health to stay focused on your preparations. Remember, starving or wrong food choices can cause laziness and even make you feel sick, depending on the severity of the conditions.

  1. Exercises Can Help

Preparing for exams doesn’t require anyone to sit around for 18 hours. So stop indulging in such an unhealthy lifestyle even during your exams. Instead, start eating right and even exercising a little while you prepare for the finals. Exercises and even meditation can increase your concentration levels and also help you with body fatigue.

  1. Don’t Be A Procrastinator

Due to stress and tensions, we all tend to get scared and eventually become procrastinators.

Will that help you to secure good grades in the exam? Absolutely not.

Instead, it will make you lose a lot of valuable time that you can utilize to prepare for the exams. Therefore, stop yourself from getting distracted by games, mobiles, or movies. Don’t pile things for the next semester. Instead, focus, make a plan, and start preparing for the exams without losing your hopes.

Take away

These are some easiest yet beneficial ways to keep yourself motivated during the exams. It can get stressful and even quite boring for you in due course of time. And sometimes, when it feels too much, you might feel like quitting.

But remember why you started with these preparations and keep motivating yourself for the final result. Stay focussed and stop comparing your strategies with others. It will get overwhelming with time, but the trick here is to keep going.

You cannot afford to lose it all when you start feeling hopeless or too tired of it. If it is too much to take in, seek help from your loved ones, teachers, and counselors. No matter what, remember that you are a fighter & a great student!

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