Ensure Your Child Has A Strong Foundation In Math With The Best Math App For Kids

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Best Math Apps for Kids


Most of the students hate math and numbers due to the complex structures, formulas and derivation. Many of the kids are not aware that math makes our lives simple. The reason behind the difficulty is, the numbers don’t make by chance, it happens only with deliberate effort and focus. As a parent, always make sure that your child always feels very comfortable with math and numbers. Moreover, ensure that your child has a strong foundation in math. Learning books have transformed more into ebooks on an app or if you really wanna make a book purchase, it is eventually available online and it will help your kids to learn more in a playful way, fo ex: NCERT Math Magic Textbook is one such book you can avail both the hard and soft copy for your kid’s math learning. This article explains the best math app for kids that makes your child’s foundation strong.

PRODIGY – Prodigy game is a cost-free app which is a curriculum aligned math platform. This application is loved by many teachers, students and parents as it effectively engages the students from grade 1 to 8. Prodigy offers the best contents with deep knowledge for every math concept. The app constantly monitors the student’s test score with a wide range of proficiency skills and economic background. Prodigy makes the children voluntarily practice math at home and school. The app makes everyone interesting and makes them fall for maths.

SPLASH MATH – An another cost-free app with a comprehensive curriculum is “Splash Math”. Through this application, students are more attracted to games and rewards which motivates the students. Over 70,000 schools trust Splash Math application and it is used by ten million kids. Splash Math offers personalized, interactive and unique math practices for kindergarten to grade 5. This application leads every kid to build a strong foundation.

DRAGON BOX – The best math application for middle school students is “Dragon Box”. With the team of educational experts, dedicated tutors and game developers developed the best math application for middle school students. Every game in Dragon Box is developed with more creativity and innovation. It engages every student and takes them to a fun-way learning method. Through continuous learning, students are able to make a strong foundation in algebra concepts.

ISOSCELES: GEOMETRY SKETCHPAD – Isosceles is the best application to learn geometry and drawing tools. This application is used by many high school students to learn geometry and shapes in an easy manner. A user-friendly tool that makes you connect with the smart TVs and projectors and can easily demonstrate in classrooms. Moreover, the application provides handy notes on the side to take notes effortlessly. By using this application, students get practical demonstrations and exposures in geometry concepts. Additionally, after using this application, many students feel comfortable with geometry concepts.

BUZZMATH – BuzzMath is an interesting application that makes the middle school students get a strong knowledge and conceptual understanding in maths. This application is designed with the standard curriculum which includes 2800+ problems and a variety of input answers. The application offers the students with detailed applications and real-time examples. Through this application, students can build a strong conceptual foundation from numbers to graph and geometry. The application provides a complete solution for all math concepts.

NUMBLER – A simple and addictive math play that every student will love is “Numbler”. This application provides a complete solution for equations and numbers. A fun-filled application with full of real-time concepts helps your kid to love math more. The game which is offered by Numbler is very challenging. Your child can compete and win against the computer or a peer. This application is designed for both iPad and iPhone.

MATH STUDIO – The best application for high school students is “Math Studio”. This application is built to understand all the complex concepts such as regression analysis, 3D graphics, Matrices, Parametric plots, integration, differentiation and so on. Generally, most high school students feel it is very difficult to understand the concepts of integration and differentiation. This application reduces the difficulty and makes the difficult concepts very lite and easy to understand. Every concept is explained in detail with realtime examples and many demonstrations.

iCROSS – Another exciting math application called “iCross’ ‘ which is built full of demonstrations, examples and real time concepts. A unique educational application which is designed only for the solid geometry, mensuration and theoretical geometry. The application is built with more innovation and creativity so that the students can participate actively in a fun-filled manner. The students can approach these kinds of concepts positively. With iCross, the students need not memorize the formula rather they can build strong foundations in solid geometries.

CONCLUSION – Math is a queen of all science. If a student has a very strong foundation in math, then they are able to manage the real-world problems. For a strong foundation of a student, it is necessary to nurture the concepts of math. Math is always an easy subject. It all deals with the way of teaching. To understand the math concepts in an easy manner prefer the best math applications. These applications can make your kid’s foundation strong.

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