Be In The Loop: 7 New Apps For Studying

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7 Mobile Apps for Studying

In this day and age, people and organizations are using innovation and discovery in different fields to make life easier for the ordinary individual. Students are not left behind with the advent of technological advances being used to make learning fun, interactive and engaging, to suit the needs of different characters of students.

You could be having difficulty in taking notes and keeping up with what the lecturer is explaining or having difficulty in organizing your work, and even wake up for the early morning classes. There are apps designed to help you overcome this hurdles and in turn improve your performance.

It could be that you need a literature review writer, or you simply want to plan your day and allocate enough time for your studies, out of class. The following are apps you should consider using:

New Apps for Studying

1. Lecture Capture Apps

I would recommend these apps to every college student. However, if you can take notes and listen to every piece of information that your lecturer shares, then you may not need it. I had a lot of challenge in being able to listen to a lecture and take notes at the same time, especially when the class had a big attendance.

Some lecturers are not audible enough, so, with the help of a lecture app, you will be able to pay attention to the lecture as the app deals with the note taking hurdles. Such apps include Sound Note; unfortunately, it is only available to iOS users. Using Office Lens, you can take a photo of the white board and convert it to a document format of your choice. You can also use Microsoft’s OneNote.

2. Grade Proof

Do you have to go through some dissertation literature review sample for a research paper and are not confident in your writing skills? The Grade Proof app is a useful tool in helping students improve their writing skills, sentence after sentence. It will help you identify any grammatical error that the processor may have missed.

It is free though there is a premium service where you can enjoy, other additional services. It also checks for the originality of the content.

3. My Study Life

Are you having difficulty keeping and maintaining a schedule, that gives you enough time to spend on your studies and has time for other things? With this app, you will be able to receive notification of any upcoming deadlines. It will help keep you on track with assignments that need to be submitted.

Its interface gives you a peek into the tasks or events that are scheduled for that particular day. It can act as a day planner as well as a school calendar.

4. Periodic Table

As the name suggests, this is an app that provides students with a periodic table that is interactive. That is not the end of it; it also provides its users with access to a vast information about the elements on the periodic table. Will you be overwhelmed by the abundance of information?

No, the app has categorized the data into different levels to satisfy various audiences. You can access the information provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry, depending on the degree that you are in, even novices.

5. EdX

Are you a studious student who loves to read or learn about new things, each day? If yes, you should consider using the EdX app. You can access courses from renowned universities such as MCGill. You can also go ahead and add a certificate to your name.

It is a chance for you to take online courses from distinguished universities, complete assignments and even take quizzes at your own time. However, some courses and certificates may cost you a few extra bucks.

6. Math Motion

The Math Motion app is suitable for students in the lower classes. It helps them learn, improve and apply the math skills they have acquired. The user is meant to run a cupcake business.

They have to pay any loans, deliver on the orders made, keep the business running, etc. It will inculcate more than just math skills in the student that they can apply in the practical world and future if they start their own business.

7. Ready4 SAT

Do you need help preparing for your tests? With the Ready 4SAT app, you will be able to prepare and be motivated to take your SAT Tests. You can study anywhere and everywhere with his append you don’t have to carry along some heavy books as you prepare for your SAT.

The app will even go further and find a match for your possible scores, from the academic programs and schools around the world. A way to get you motivated as you purpose to attend a particular college. It will help you acquire and apply tips necessary for taking tests.

There exists an app for almost everything that you need as a student. From helping you prepare for your test, plan your schedule or even write and edit good literature review samples. All you need to do is find the app that works for you and use it.

Good luck!



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