Tips to Make Your Children Grow Independently!

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Tips to make Your Child Grow Independently

Its nice meeting you all in another fantastic article, rather than that it’s good to say an informative article, yeah it’s going to be a guide for parents, what should they teach their children’s age by age and how to grow them as an independent child in their life.

Teaching the life skills at the perfect age will develop their common sense, sufficiency and another important thing they learn is to care themselves from strangers, apart from that they can develop their self esteem, social skills and empower them based on the situation.

Age by Age Life skills to Teach to Your Child

Here are some of the basic life skills you need to teach your children at the specific ages, let’s go for it.

Initial Stage: (2 to 3 years old)

A recent survey has analyzed that a child who learns life skills from their early stage of their life are more independent. By this age, you need to teach your kid to place all their kids at the respective places, help them to dress themselves with some help from parents, teach him to put the plates in the sink after he has completed eating, they should know to brush their teeth and wash their faces, make them to put their clothes in the laundry bag when he undresses.

Developing Stage (4 to 5 years old)

This is the age you should teach them the safety skills, your kid should know to say their name, parent’s phone number and address, they should know to make a call, if some emergency occurs, it’s good if they start feeding pets if you have one at your home, they should understand the value of money, how it’s used, brush their teeth without any help, help parents or anyone during emergency or at home etc.

Educational Stage (6 to 7 years old)

By this age, your child might have gone to schools, they might grab some knowledge, it’s important that you need to teach some basic cooking skills too, they should know to do some basics on how to cook, they should know to wash the dishes, Know to use household items properly, make his bed without any help, they should know to bath themselves.

Abstract Stage ( 8 to 9 years old)

By this age they should know how to handle themselves in various perspective, they should take care of their personal things. They should know to take care of their personal hygiene, help them to create a grocery list and more.

Middle Childhood Stage ( 10 to 13 years old)

By this stage, it’s good if they do all things independently, they should have the courage to stay alone at home,they should know to make purchases, use the household items perfectly, prepare a meal, they should know to read labels, teach them to iron their own clothes, teach them the use of basic hand tools and they should also know how to use them.

Advanced Childhood Stage ( 14 to 18 years old)

At this stage, they should be master in all the previous stage skills, they should know to read and understand the medical labels for any emergency, they should know about the dosages to take, they should know to clean and maintain their own room or any other perspectives.


Your kid is not going to child any more, they have grown to be an adult and they should know how to support themselves when they are going to college or any work, they should know how to behave, how to venture them at particular stages , basic understanding of finance, how to behave to a stranger and so many things.

Final Words

As a parents it’s your responsibility to teach all the above skills at the correct age, so that your child can grow to be a perfect kid. Your child is starting to grow?

Ask yourself, whether they know to perform this things perfectly at certain stages, if not it’s not late, teach them with love and care.

If you are not going to take it seriously, then you should be the reason for your child’s bad performance, prevention is better than cure, so it’s the right time to take a step front.


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