Ways You Can Help Your Children Develop Good Learning Habits

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Ways You Can Help Your Children Develop Good Learning Habits

A newborn baby comes with a blank mind; he/she does not know what is right or wrong, good or bad. It is the experience that the baby gets while growing up that gives him/her the idea of what is acceptable and what is not.

Parents play an important role in kids’ lives. They learn about life from their father and love from mother. It is essential that parents teach valuable lessons from time to time so that their kids can apply it in studying as well as in life and grow into a wise person.

It can be daunting for parents, and we understand that, thus in this article, you will know what and how to impart good learning habits . Good habits help not only on the academic front but also in other aspects of life.

Here are a few activities that you can do with your kids so that they know all about learning habits in a natural way.

Top 7 ways to develop good learning habits

Get organized

Organization can be done everywhere, like keeping clothes in an organized way in the drawer, keeping dishes proper in cabinets and shoes at its appropriate place. Right from the start, when a kid sees that the house he lives in appreciates organized living, the kid then starts organizing his own stuff.

When you teach kids to keep the notes about everything, keep the books in the proper condition, they will follow it throughout their school life. Getting organized will avoid last-minute panic and allow the kid to be well prepared.

Using a planner

A planner is where you can write down all your day’s activities as well as plan the next day. Introduce your kids to a colorful planner; that way, they will be excited to use them. There are multiple types of planners available to choose from.

Once the kid starts using a planner regularly, it will make his day easier because now he knows if he has extra time to play or learn something new. Using and following the planner will also teach the kid about time management.

Avoid distractions

Tell your child that it is ok to feel low sometimes and not force anything because it will only just waste time. But also teach your child about distractions and how bad it can be. Ask them to finish small tasks and not give up until it’s finished.

Another tip is to hide all the things that may distract kids, such as cell phones or toys. When there are no fun things around, kids will be better at concentrating.

Fixed place

We all have a favorite corner at our house where we like to read a book in peace. Similarly, you can designate a place specifically for their study. You can get a study desk and chair and let kids study on it.

Having a designated place for studying over a period of time allows kids to get in the right zone and study properly.

Importance of help

Sometimes all the kid needs is parents help while studying. This helps the kid to concentrate better and also makes the learning process fun. Allow kids to ask questions a million times. When a kid is asking doubts, that means he understands the topic.

Teach him that it is ok to ask for help, whether it is at home or at school. That way, he gets all his doubts cleared and does not feel shy about it.

Study hours

Just like a designated study place, designated study time is also efficient.  When the house is quiet at that time, you can ask your kid to study. This will lead to fewer distractions. For e.g., at night time televisions are on, while in the afternoon its quieter which can be good for study time. Designated study time will allow the kid to get things done on time.

Test practice

From a young age, make your kids give a test, it could be a handwritten test or a test of just 1 chapter. This will allow them to know what are the mistakes they are making and help them in improving it.

Regular tests will also remove any fear of giving a real test. Sometimes kids have studied it all, but the pressure of exams can make any kid go black. Taking test sessions from time to time is a must for better results.

Positive environment

It is very critical that every time a kid starts to study, he is in a positive mental state. Sometimes pressure from teachers and parents can really affect kids’ mental state, and that can distract them while studying.

Create a positive environment in the house, appreciate your kids’ work and tell them that failure is ok and to keep trying is the important thing. With such a positive environment the kid feels safe and secure.


If you want to teach good learning habits to a kid who is under 5 years of age, giving rewards works great. If you ask them to do a task done at a particular time and they will be given their toffee, this will make them eager to finish things.

Although it’s not the most ideal way, as said above, if it’s for a small kid, then you can follow this trick. For teenagers, this won’t be fruitful as it won’t give quality work but instead quantity work.


Good habits are important not only for learning but also to live a quality life. Enhancing such habits makes you more approachable in society. Habits can be imparted at any point of life but it is said that habit learned in childhood stays forever.

Above listed are a few tricks that you can try with your kid to inculcate better learning habits. Another thing to note is that it is necessary to tell kids why it’s important to study and what all are the benefits of it. This way, they can study for them-self and not be under any pressure.

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