5 Basic Tips to Make Your Home Safe and Accessible For Your Kids!

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Make Your Home Safe and Accessible For Your Kids

Do you have kids or elderly people in your house and you are constantly worried about their safety? By making slight efforts and changes you can bid farewell to those troublesome thoughts. We are talking about making your safe and accessible by making certain additions.

When people think about home accessibility they think about completely renovating their living spaces. The thought of major transformation and the money this whole process is going to cost is what stops most of the people from taking even the necessary steps.

Home accessibility is not about re-furnishing your home entirely. With the help of proper planning you can make the whole process affordable and manageable. There are various affordable options available in the market through which you can transform you homes into a safe and accessible living space.

Want to know five basic tips for home safety and accessibility? Keep reading.

1. Minimize Trip Hazards

Minimize trip hazards by removing any clutter caused by disorganized cables. Anyone can easily ignore the cables lying around and stumble over them. It can cause serious injuries to kids and elderly.

The good news is that it is easily preventable with minimal efforts and slight precautions. In addition to that, properly cover any bare cables to avoid any electrical accidents.

2. Install Proper Grab Bars

Another low cost investment option is to install grab bars. Lever handles and grab bars prevent any nasty falls and make your home a safe space for the residents.

Don’t rely on the furniture to grab on while navigating around the house. Furniture can easily get displaced, which can result in a more fatal and unfortunate accident.

3. Mobile Aids

If you have an elderly or a handicapped person living with you, ensure the availability of mobile aids for them to rely on. Most of the time it is the lack of proper equipment that restricts handicap people. Therefore, make sure that they have access to proper medical equipments and mobile aids.

4. Make sure that the Stairs are Safe

Staircases are an obvious danger for elderly and kids alike. Make sure that the stairs in your home are senior-friendly or well as kids-friendly, depending on your requirements.

Block the entrance of the staircases with temporary hindrances to prevent kids from stumbling down the stairs. Moreover make sure that the railings are safe. The steps should not have open spaces between them because that increases the chances of risks.

To make stairs safe for elderly people make sure that they are sufficiently lit at all times to minimize the chances of accidents because of darkness. In addition to that, install handrails so that they have something firm for support.

5. Redecorate and Remove Obstacles

Minimize the hazards of any possible accidents by redecorating your place. Remove any furniture near pathways. Replace carpets or rugs lying around.

With a little planning, some minimal efforts and slight redecoration you can easily transform a home into safe and accessible living space.

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