7 Things to Know Kids and Cats Together

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Having pets teaches your kids obligations, but what you should know if you want to get a cat.

Here is an article with 7 things you should know before getting a cat for your kids.

Pick The Right Breed

You may find different types of cats attractive, but each breed has some general characteristics that you should be aware of. Pick the breed that is friendly and calm, doesn't react aggressively and wants to pet and play. Some cats can be stubborn and temperament, so avoid those breeds. Also, the cat must have no health problems and hypoallergenic hair.

Learn Your Kids To Behaviour Appropriately

Some behaviour towards cat should be leaned, so be sure to explain your kids all behaviours before. Also, they should know that the cat is an animal with their needs and temperament. It is important to learn kid that the cat feels the pain and that they can`t pull the tail or ears. Then, you have to teach them how to pet them properly and gently. Also, they need to be held properly, so be sure to teach that your kids.

Be Aware Of Cat`S Body Language

Kids can be a little bit rough sometimes, so the cat may not like it. You have to learn the cat body language and teach your children. As a responsible person, react on any mood change, or if the cat is frowning. Be sure that you introduce the cat with kids and that it is okay with their behaviour.

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Monitor Activity

Even though you trust your children and there was never any problem between cat and them, be sure to monitor their play. Don't yell or overreact if something is going wrong, rather warn them to stop and explain why their behaviour is wrong. Also, be sure that the play isn't too wild and that it can stop at any moment. Monitoring is ideal to react within seconds and prevent catastrophe.

Keep Peaceful Indoor Play

Kids can be very noisy with jumping and screaming all over the playing room. Having a cat can teach them to play peacefully, which can also help you with everyday tasks. Be sure to buy a toy that is intended only for cat and use children to use it. Also, teach your children to avoid using hands as a toy. Since cats are initially predators, they can scratch them and hurt, even though they didn't mean to. They need to know that cat uses teeth and claws.

Maintain Cat's Routine

Be sure that, no matter what, you maintain a cat`s routine. This is important for a cat because it won`t be grumpy and aggressive. Don't ever leave cat without food and fresh water and teach your kids to do so. Also, if you let your cat out, do it on a similar time every day. Change the sand regularly to avoid bad smell and let kids help you with that.

Set Rules And Boundaries

Even though there is no such thing as watching your kids happily playing with the cat, there must be some rules. Kids should have their free time and mustn't use a cat as an excuse from their work. Cat also needs its free time, so they have to allow it to rest, hide or sleep peacefully.

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