11 Tips You Entertain Your Kids when Working from Home

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11 Tips You Entertain Your Kids when working from home

If you are a working mom, you know how difficult can it be to work and take care of your kids, but in the lockdown period there is no other option.

So we tested some methods that will help you finish your professional and daily tasks with quiet and entertained kids.

Coordinate Family Schedule

It is important to know the family routine and be aware of what must be done during the week. To help yourself, make a family schedule with all tasks and obligations and put it on a visible spot, like on a refrigerator. Tick tasks you did to help you track the schedule.

Set Real Expectations

Don’t be hard on yourself and know what your real possibilities are. It is different to have a toddler and a seven-year-old. You have to know how much time and care you have to provide for your children and how mature they are. If you think that your job is overwhelming you, talk to your boss openly and ask for flexible work time.

Reach Focus Priorities

You have to set your primary and most important goals and these are the first to solve. Is it about your professional or personal life, don’t postpone them because this creates more stress and anxiety. Be sure to do everything you can today.

Learn Time Management

Balancing time with children and a professional career, you should know time management. This means that you know how much time each task takes and to teach your children to be patient and wait for you.

Agree On Boundaries

There must be some boundaries set and this will help you to avoid an uncomfortable situation. This means to show kids what are you working on, so they know to be quiet during your online meeting. Also, they must learn to respect your working time and manage some things alone.

Limit Screen Time

It is the easiest way to entertain kids with a TV or tablet, but you have to limit that time. It is proven that children who spend more time in front of TV use fewer words and have a narrow vocabulary and bad social skills. Use watching cartoons as a treat or a short everyday routine. Kids until 2 years old can spend a maximum of half an hour in front of the TV, and older can watch it for an hour.

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Try New Activities

Try some creative ways to entertain children. This can be reading, playing creative and educational games, or doing something artistry. Be sure that all games are safe to play without your surveillance and that they don’t use any sharp objects. A good idea is to provide them with an interesting coloring book and make an exhibition later to show them that you appreciate their work.

Reward Good Behaviour

Reward your kids when they are behaving well. This can be more time for cartoons or a treat after lunch. Set boundaries and explain what you expect them to behave to be treated. Talk to them a lot and reward them when they respond well. Also, ask them what they consider a reward and occasionally treat them with that.

Separate Working And Living Room

Try to separate the working and living room. This will help you concentrate and be productive, but help them realize it is your working space.

Take A Break 

From time to time, take a break and check how they are. This will help you refresh your thoughts and be sure that your kids are safe.

Get Help

If you can`t manage on your own, don’t consider it shameful to ask for help. Call a friend or rotate with your husband, or just call grandma and grandpa – if you ask, everyone will help.

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Susan is a working mum who is balancing her business and her children. Because she is experienced in children psychology and working from home, she writes many articles about working home with children. Read more of them on OfficeNeedle.

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