Future of Education: Virtual Reality Apps You Must Know

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The field of technology is ever changing, with new products being released, now and then. It affects almost every aspect of our day to day life, with the education sector inclusive. An example is the adoption of Virtual Reality in the classroom as a way to change how students learn about a concept.

Studies into the effects of VRedu show that incorporating Virtual Reality in lessons helps students:

  • Improve their retention capacity
  • Block out distractions in class
  • Be more engaged in the lessons, and much more.

As you look for sop writing services , consider checking out the following VR Apps that are trending in the Education sector:

  1. Discovery VR

Dicovery VR

This app has content compiled by Discovery Channel. Students can explore different locations on the earth from their seats. Be immersed in the stories, and interact with a planet like you never have before.

Get to visit the places you only hear in a story, and see the beauty of some of the exotic locations on earth.

  1. Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions

Virtual Reality brings life and thrill in the conventional classroom lessons. With the Google Expeditions, you can take your students on a field trip to a particular location of interest without needing to collect money for a journey.

It is also a platform that helps teachers to bring their lessons to life.

  1. Cleanopolis


We all know that one of the biggest challenges that we face as a society is climate change. It calls for all hands on deck, especially as we hope to leave a conducive environment for future generations.

It is an interactive app that helps students learn about different aspects of the environment and promote awareness about climate change.

You should not only focus on your scholarship statement of purpose without being aware of what happens in the environment and its effects.

  1. InMind VR

Inmind VR

With this app, one can better understand how the brain operates. Get to travel into the brain tissue and see the neurons that affect one’s emotions in action. When you don’t feel like drafting that statement of purpose for internship the app could help you understand the neurons that are at work.

  1. Star Chart

Star Chart

The study of the universe has never been this exciting. This app lets students have a front row seat of the world, as they learn about constellations and planets. Learn the facts around the discovery of planets and much more that the universe has to offer.

  1. Google Translate

Google Translate

I can guess what you are probably thinking. The traditional Google Translate app has added an interesting key feature, a camera. If you want to translate one language to another, all you have to do is aim your camera on the text, and watch as it is translated.

You don’t need to have an internet connection to use it. It has some offline features for you to operate.

  1. Anatomyou


If you would like to learn about how your body works, then, this is the app for you. It is an immersive guide to the anatomy of the human body. Find out more about the systems of the human body and learn how they interact without intruding the privacy of a real life body.


Virtual Reality is changing the way lessons, are delivered in the classroom. Students can engage in the lessons, explore new locations and immerse in the studies. Its adoption into every classroom is underway, and it will hopefully increase the interests of students to learn.

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