Top 5 Free Resources to Prepare for GMAT

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GMAX Free Resources

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test is an online-based proficiency test conducted worldwide, mostly for admissions in various Graduate management programs. This test is accepted by many B-schools worldwide, as is considered as one of the prerequisites for admission. This test is divided into four sections: analytical reasoning, integrated reasoning, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. Thus, to prepare for a GMAT exam, you will need a good set of GMAT books and a few free resources. However, it would help if you also considered the time you dedicate to preparing for this exam as there is no set date for this exam, and it can be taken any day of the year. Below we have provided five free GMAT resources that you can take advantage of to get yourself fully prepared for this test: 

  1. Free GMAT Apps

When it comes to free resources to prepare for your GMAT exam, there is nothing better than the free Apps that are available online. These Apps will contain everything from the syllabus, exam patterns, mocks, and other key tips and tricks to strengthen your preparation. Some of the best GMAT prep Apps are:

  1. Youtube Channels

This is something that everyone should take advantage of since these are the most readily available and accessible free resources. GMAT exam tutorial videos and practice videos will enable you to be aware of all the latest questions and other patterns since well-qualified professionals and experts mostly make these.

Some of the best YouTube channels when it comes to GMAT preparation are:

  • MBA Crystal Ball
  • Magoosh GMAT
  • GMAT Club
  1. Free GMAT Mocks

The main part of any entrance test or proficiency test preparation is to be familiar with the mocks and ace the exam. These mocks are basically the replica of the actual GMAT test with automated timers for each section, just like in real exams but with different questions. Practicing your GMAT questions through these mock tests gives you an idea of your speed when solving questions and your strengths and weaknesses in certain sections. This way, you will be able to upgrade and improve your weaker points to prepare for the main exam. Below mentioned are a few free GMAT Mocks that you can download online:

  • Kaplan’s GMAT test Practice
  • Veritas
  • Manhattan Prep
  1. Free Forums

When preparing for your GMAT, you might be having certain doubts or queries related to the eligibility criteria of some of the B-schools, minimum GMAT score requirements, and many other similar questions. These forums allow anyone to post questions and answers, making this a much more user-friendly and trustworthy query and solutions medium. You can find the answers to all of these questions in the various forums present online. Some of the most notable and trustworthy forums are:

  • GMAT Club
  • Quora
  • Beat the GMAT
  1. Your 10th and 12th academic books

There is nothing as best as your old and trustworthy academic books that you probably must have brushed over and over again during your school days. But if you think they were only relevant for specific times, then you are wrong. Most of the GMAT’s fundamental questions are from your 10th and 12th class Math and English books. So, what are you waiting for? Take out these worn-out books back from your shelves and start utilizing them again, but this for your GMAT preparation.

Thus, these are the best resources to prepare for the GMAT exam and score well in the exams. Utilize them and score high in your GMAT exam to secure a prestigious seat in their target college.

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