How to Convince Your Kids to Use Braces

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How to Convince Your Kids to Use Braces

We know that oral hygiene is extremely important and goes far beyond aesthetics procedures. For example, we can mention the importance of having your teeth in their proper place, since when they are not it can bring problems, such as difficulty in biting and chewing, constant headaches, and, in even extreme cases, the loss of teeth.

However, convincing a child or adolescent to do something becomes a complicated task when they do not want to do it, and that includes the much-feared braces. But what to do, or even say, so that your children are not afraid to place the braces, or even the brace tightening process? And how can you convince them? We have prepared some small tips to help.

Research About the Procedure

To make your child a little more comfortable with the whole idea of ​​putting the device on, try to talk a little with the dentist who will perform the procedure, ask for tips on how to adapt to the new “lifestyle”, such as the placement procedure itself, that is, everything that your child and you are in doubt and need to know.

Besides, it costs nothing to do a little research on the internet and try to find other tips from people who use or have used the device, you can even find reports of how each person adapted and how it felt after they removed it.

Its use can be a little painful at first, some discomfort will arise, but nothing helps more than to support your child during this process, helping him/her whenever is necessary.

You Will Not Get Ugly Just for Wearing Braces

Although there is a big taboo over the appearance that a person can look when using the braces, the change is not so different during treatment, on the contrary, we only notice the improvements it brings after removing it, giving the user a much more beautiful smile, showing the teeth all aligned and regular.

The concern will still exist due to the reaction of school “friends”, especially for teenagers who have just started their social lives, stress and shame will be normal in the beginning. However, always try to show your child that aesthetics is not the most important of the treatment, make it clear that using the device will bring several benefits to his health.

Also, your child can personalize the device in any way they can, asking for the device to be made by placing their favorite characters, team symbol, with colorful brackets, glitter, and more.

Show The Advantages of Using the Device

Although we already know the benefits, our children may not be able to understand very well why using the device is considered a good thing. Show him/her that using it will reduce the

chances of side effects since the roots of the teeth are less developed and are more favorable to the forces applied. With the use of the braces, your child will have a great facility to correct the problems of bite, being also possible to modify the growth of the bones of the face. At the end of the treatment, there is a great improvement in self-esteem and even in socialization.

In addition to showing the good parts, it can be very helpful to mention the bad things that can happen if the treatment is not done, such as headaches, on the face and neck, difficulty in chewing or even articulating the words, even having respiratory problems, and a drop in self-esteem.

Always Remember the Importance of Taking Good Care of Ourselves

After seeing everything, researching, and talking to your dentist, you begin to realize that it is possible to “guide” bone and dental arch development correctly, ultimately avoiding future problems for your child.

Don’t worry about the brace tightening process, everything will be fine, and in the end, both will be very happy with the result of the treatment! Don’t forget to have fun during the process too, and to feel good at all possible times.

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