Top Five Games that You can Play to Pass Your Time During Quarantine

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Top 5 games that you can play to pass your time during quarantine

During this quarantine, we get lots of free time, and this is to spend with our family and friends, and we can play some games when we are bored in the house.

Playing the game on this day helps us to stay calm and relax. These days, social media has become very toxic, so using social media for a long time affects our health negatively so that we can play some games offline and online just to relax for a while.

Playing games in this quarantine are better than scrolling your social media. You can play offline games as well as online games. Though I don’t play online games, I am still playing some online games, and they are really good. There are some interesting online games that we can play during quarantine, and we don’t get bored. They are:

1.    Ludo:  

Playing ludo with our friends and family makes us feel good and have lots of fun, and they refresh our mind. Ludo is a very easy and fun game with our family and friends. In this quarantine, we all are in our house together to spend quality time with our family, and playing this kind of game, we all get even closer to our loved ones. And we are also unable to meet some of our friends and family members, but we can connect them with our phones, and sometimes we can play some online games rather than boring conversations. Playing and cheating on this game just feels like bringing our childhood back. Though all our family members live in the same house, we are still not close because our studies, work, and this quarantine bring us together, and playing small games like this, we get even closer.  

2.    Chess: 

We all know the benefit of playing chess. Chess improves our concentration skills, memory, intelligence, etc. Playing chess online with someone feels like playing real chess. It improves our problem-solving skills, and our brain also functions well. Our brain needs to do some exercise during this time, and playing chess makes our mind more conscious and active. In this quarantine, people are getting depressed so playing this game makes them stress-free. It happened in my case. Playing chess with an expert makes me feel competitive and my all focus on my game, which makes me tension-free, so I think this is one of the best games to play in those days.     

3.    Puzzle game: 

We can play puzzle games in this quarantine (there are also lots of interesting online puzzle games available). Solving puzzle problems needs a focus and dedicated mind. In those days, people become more addicted to social media, which is very bad for our mental health. So solving a puzzle (not the online one) makes you feel relaxed and fresh. You can even generate fake texts to troll your friends in order to kill time. Sometimes people feel bad and worry without any reason, so that time one can try to solve a puzzle, and when they put effort into solving that, then when they solve it, it gives them satisfaction. 

4.    Candy Crush: 

This is an offline mobile game. I like this game. Though this is the PUBG era, I still love this game. It seems very easy and interesting. I feel very calm while playing this game, and as we increase the level, the levels become harder, and when you finish each hard level, you feel satisfied. And this game also improves my concentration, and on these lockdown days, whenever I feel tired of doing my college assignments, I just play this game and feel relaxed. This game is perfect for people like me who are not fans of action games. There is no restriction to play these games, and it is like play whenever I like to play. I have played different types of Candy crush game versions. Some very good, and some total mess.

5.    Temple run: 

This is an offline adventure game. I am in love with this game because it is exhilarating, and it feels like a real adventure, and you have to be aware while playing this game, which is why I love this game. Though real-life adventure is different than this still one can play this game as a pastime game. I enjoy playing this game. It’s very good for me when I get stuck in something; it opens my mind, and I get the energy to work efficiently.

Those are some games that I like to play during this quarantine to make my mind active. These games are good to play as a pastime game when I don’t have to do something and don’t get addicted to them. But some games are really good for our mind and mental health, and we don’t need quarantine to play these games.

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