Why We Celebrate Mother’s Day and Some Mind-blowing Facts

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Why We Celebrate Mother’s Day and Some Mind-blowing Facts

Mother’s Day is a festival where no one disputes. The second weekend in May is the festival of our great mother. On this day, we will celebrate with family.

Mother’s Day is observed in many countries, but it does not necessarily fall on the second Sunday in May, as it does in the United States, Australia, China, Japan, and India. Flowers and gifts are a worldwide custom for the day, but parades are held in Thailand, and jasmine is a common gift. Moms in Serbia are bound with rope or ribbon before they give their children sweets and presents.

The origin of Mother’s Day:

Speaking of Mother’s Day is the origin. According to legend, the earliest Mother’s Day came from Greece. The ancient Greeks paid tribute to Hera, the mother of the gods in Greek mythology, on this day. In the middle of the 17th century, Mother’s Day spread to England, and the British took the fourth Sunday of Lent as Mother’s Day. On this day, young people who are away from home will return home and bring some small gifts to their mothers.

The Mother’s Day we celebrate now originated in the United States, initiated by Anna Jarvis. She was unmarried for life and had no children. On May 9, 1906, Anna Jarvis’s mother passed away, and she was deeply saddened. On the anniversary of his mother’s death the following year, Jarvis organized a memorial to his mother and encouraged others to express their gratitude to their mothers in similar ways.

Some Facts You need to know about Mother’s Day

The number of calls on Mother’s Day has increased significantly.

On Mother’s Day, call volume in the United States increases by 11%, according to one survey, and the increasingly common use of mobile phones seems to have significantly increased the amount of interaction adult children have with their mothers. So don’t seem to be a slacker: your mother wants to hear from you, and not just via a text message.

On Mother’s Day, the number of phone calls in the United States has risen by 11%. A study has shown that the widespread use of mobile phones has greatly increased the number of contacts between adult children and mothers. So don’t be lazy: your mother is definitely looking forward to receiving your call, not just a text message.

The busiest day in the restaurant industry is Mother’s Day.

If you’re thinking of taking your mother out to eat, think about what time of day there will be enough open tables. With 80 million adults dining out (more than Valentine’s Day), Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants. Nearly half of those people will be out for dinner rather than lunch or breakfast, so go earlier in the day if you want to treat your mother to her favorite cuisine.

If you want to take your mother to the restaurant, you may have to consider when to make an appointment to get a seat. Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year in restaurants, with about 80 million adults dining out (even more than Valentine’s Day). Nearly half of them will go out for dinner instead of lunch or brunch, so if you want to ask your mother to go to her favorite restaurant, you may have to go early.

The Jewelry And Spa Services

You know you need to get your mother a present, but what do you get her? About $5 billion will be spent on jewelry, according to the National Retail Federation (accounting for 35 percent of shoppers). Another 38% of shoppers will buy clothes for their mothers, 15% will buy appliances, and 24% will spend $2 billion on personal services (such as spa treatments). If you want to let mom choose her own present, you’re not alone: 45 percent of consumers surveyed said they intended to use a gift card.

The Flower Industry Is The Big Winner.

When Mother’s Day first started in 1914, carnations immediately became the theme of the holiday (supposedly reflecting Mary’s tears as Jesus was crucified), and the floral industry quickly embraced the concept of wearing a red carnation to honor a living mother and a white carnation to honor a deceased mother. 76 percent of mothers still wish to receive flowers from their children or loved ones on this special day, despite the fact that the tradition has faded. Mother’s Day is the most popular day for floral sales, with a whopping 67 percent of people planning to buy flowers, according to the National Retail Federation’s survey.

Statistics Show Dads Need To Step It Up.

While everyone understands the importance of getting something for your mother, 47 percent of mothers believe that fathers should buy their children’s mothers a gift. But don’t hold your breath, moms: Just 6% of fathers agree!

Although everyone knows that you need to buy gifts for your mother, 47% of mothers believe that fathers should also buy gifts for their children’s mothers. But mothers don’t expect too much: only 6% of dads agree with this view.

Moms Still Come Out Ahead For Mother’s Day

Even if fathers aren’t the ones pushing Mother’s Day flower sales, if there was a monetary rivalry between the two parental appreciation days, mothers would win hands down. On Father’s Day, people spend an average of $133 versus $196 on Mother’s Day.

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