Table Games You can DIY during Rainy Days

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Rainy days aren’t rare during winter and you can use those days to work on trendy DIY tasks with your children. That is a great way to form an even stronger bond with your kids, to keep them occupied and entertained when they can’t go outside. As a result of this, I’ve prepared a couple of fascinating DIYs for you and your loved ones.

DIY Memory

Memory match. is very simple to accomplish. You’ll have to draw a grid and cut on the grid so that you wind up getting an even amount of little rectangles in even numbers. Now, the cutting-edge part is yours and when you are done, give the rectangles to your kids. All they have to do is to draw pairs of equal drawings on every little rectangle. The only thing you have to worry is to have two identical drawings and even number of rectangles.

DIY TicTacToe

Creating Tic Tac Toe begins with the same principle as the Memory. You have to draw a grid on the cardboard which doesn’t have to be too big. I used the cardboard in the size approximately to a tablet, The grid should have 9 sections. Since you do not need scissors for this particular job, I would suggest you do the grid while kids can go and look for bottle caps because you’ll require 10 of them. Color bottle caps in two distinct colors or draws X and O on them. You have to do that to form two groups. Bonus: Color bottle caps with something durable like nail polish which will make them last longer.
That is pretty much everything you have to do and enjoy!

DIY Foosball

I recommend that you do the work with the scissors and children can focus on the more entertaining task – the colouring. Grab a cardboard box and do the holes for goals and rods. Make sure they are the right size and the holes for the rods must be symmetrical on both sides. After that, let your children colour the box as you fill out the straws with wooden grill sticks. You have to do that because the rods mustn’t bend. Don’t forget to shut ends of the straws so that sticks don’t fall out. After the box is dry, set the sticks through the holes onto the box. The only thing that is missing are the players. Use the clothespins (your kids can color them if you like) and glue them to the rods which are already in the box.  When the glue is dry you may play foosball!

You can do each game one day if you are afraid your kids will get bored. The best thing about these games is that you can fill your entire afternoon by making one game and then play it! Who says rainy days should be all about sleeping?


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