Pencil and Paper Games for Kids

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Pencil and Paper Games for Kids

When kids are restless due to a day off from the school and they are running out of ideas for things to do at home, then in fact, they can play a lot of fun games. These games don’t only provide fun to kids but also enable them to learn and educate as well. The pencil and paper games can easily be played on a plane, at home or anywhere to keep kids occupied. These games challenge kids and keep them engaged for hours. Here are some best games that kids can play easily requiring only pencil and paper and doesn’t involve any fancy equipment.

  1. Dot and Box

To play this game, you need a square of dots on the page. Simply start with 6×6 and ask kids to go up to 30×30 or more. Two or more players can play this game and once the square is formed, players take turns with a different color pen forming line divisions between dots. When players create a square with their line, they may set their name in that particular square and play again. Until all the lines between the dots are drawn, this fun game continues and kids can enjoy for hours.

  1. Tic-Tac-Toe

This easy and fun game of tic-tac-toe is a two player game of ‘X’ and ‘O’ and starts with nine squares (or spaces) on a paper formed by crossing two perpendicular sets of two equivalent lines. In this game, one player begins by writing an ‘X’ in one square and the next player writes an ‘O’ in another square. Until there are three ‘X’ or ‘O’ in a row are filled, the game continues. Sometimes this game also becomes draw if all the squares are filled. Just like any other paper and pencil game, tic-tac-toe too have become digital. Visit to play this game from almost anywhere, anytime online. You can also learn a few cool tricks to win at tic-tac-toe every time.

  1. Paper Telephone

This game begins with three or more players and each having a piece of paper. They all draw a picture on the top of the page and pass the paper to the next player. Now, with this new piece of paper, each person is supposed to write a slogan (caption) underneath the picture then folds the upper part of the paper so only the slogan or caption is showing up. This piece of paper is then passed to the next player who draws a picture to go along with the slogan. Now this time, each player again folds the paper and passes to other but showing the picture up and hiding the slogan. Until there is no further room, the game continues. Kids can enjoy this game a lot when they open up the paper and find amusing things written on it.

  1. Pictionary

In this game player secretly writes down common idioms (songs or phrases) on a piece of paper and folds them up. The player in this game works as an artist who randomly picks a phrase and then acts accordingly to imitate the written phrase and let the others guess without talking or writing. Once the phrase is guessed correctly, a new artist is picked and the game continues.


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