10 Amazing Facts to know about Abacus

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Few Amazing Facts to know about Abacus

I trust that mostly all of us might have known about the Abacus. Let me explain it in detail

What is Abacus?

According to every one of us, we know that ABACUS are used for the purpose of learning by counting. They are used since the ancient times and are termed as a calculating device. Actually “Abacus”, the word is a Greek word and all says that abax means flat surface.

What are they made up of?

With rods and Beads!

Yeah you can find a wooden frame within it, there would be set of rods and beads by which you will be able to calculate the numbers by counting. A counting board which consist of small pebbles associated within it.

From 300 B.C they are using this abacus for the learning maths calculations. If you take the old version, you will find the abacus small in size, which fits easily in the hand. At present, there are different types of abacus with various styles,sizes and much more specification and characteristics. Most of the Asians and Africans uses this abacus still for learning calculations.

Some of the interesting facts of Abacus

There are some alternate interesting facts that you should know.

1. Do you know what material is used in the Abacus?

All might have known about the bamboo frames right? Yeah it’s used in the abacus along with the beads and wires. You will find the beads in different shapes and with the help of this you need to count and learn the calculation.

In ancient times , there were no calculators or any counting device, so the people just invented this for calculation purpose.

You will be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide using the abacus machine. In japan and china schools, they are using the abacus for teaching calculations for the children’s.

2. What is the term used for the abacus?

The person who uses the abacus is called as abacist. The plural form of this abacus is the abacist

3. Have you heard of Japanese Soroban?

This means the abacus in Japanese version. Still in Japan, you can find most of the schools using abacus for teaching mathematical calculations.

4. How Abacus teaching was evolved?

At the earlier stage, no one was aware of this abacus calculations. But after a certain period of time, people found difficulties in learning mathematics. So they were in a situation to use these abacus. After they started using it, they found more interest on them and started following it for calculation purpose.

5. Technological Development

As abacus was considered as the old way of calculation, many changed from abacus to calculators. But certain peoples still believe in this abacus calculation and opt for it.

6. Are you aware of Russian Abacus ?

Russians used abacus more than any other countries. The first abacus was in Russia and this was imported from France in the year 1820.

7. Chinese Abacus Influences

China is also one of the famous country that influenced abacus mostly. China started using this abacus from the year 1400 CE. It was also known as Jusan, Jupan and Supan.

8. What is Unique in Recent Abacus?

We uses Soroban at present for calculations. This can be read from zero by pulling horizontally along the frame centre.

9. Enhance your Brain Development Etiquette

Through Abacus, you will be able to develop your brain and also helps to enhance the mental arithmetic in kids and adults.

10. What is the Specialty of Cranmer Abacus?

Cranmer Abacus was incorporated by Time Crammer , which was developed for the blind people to learn the calculations easily and accurately.

Final Words…

Hope the above facts was interesting and helped you to know the details that you were not aware of.

Are you the person using Abacus for your mathematical calculations? Or the one who teaches mathematics with an abacus for your kids?

Share your ideas on various abacus programs through the comment section below.


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