Why Abacus is Important for Your Children?

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Abacus for Kids

Abacus for Kids

The real fact is that most of the old aged people would say yes for it and 20 to 30 age group would say no. Am i right? I know you all will agree with me.

Myself, do not know anything about the abacus and i haven’t used in my small age to learn calculations, but when i started researching about this ABACUS, i felt that i have missed to learn calculation through this tactical way.

Today i am going explain you all about the importance of Abacus and why you should start teaching your kids calculation using this ABACUS.

What is ABACUS ?

Before going into the topic let’s know the basics. Abacus is a calculating machine through which you can learn the mathematics in a simple way.

Why do you need Abacus?

We all have to accept that in this competitive world, you can find the competition from children’s itself. In Order to make them face any tricky and exceptional challenges, you have to make them clever and intelligent.

Yeah this is possible with the help of a Abacus. It has the capability to raise the IQ level of your children, make them talented and help your child to shine among the other kids.

Why you should teach Abacus for your children?

Teach abacus for your children and help them to sharpen their brain. Alternate to it we can say that they are one of the best workout tool for the brain. Self confidence, attention, memory, intelligence and mastermind are the five important gifts you will gain if you teach abacus for your children.

What if your children is able to perform mathematics with both speed and accuracy? Amazing right.

What are the use of Abacus?

How many of you know to use the Abacus perfectly? It is an instrument which allows your children to perform all basic mathematical operations like Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Apart from that your children will learn how to calculate addition or sum with negative numbers and count to decimal places.

Why Abacus is Important for your Children?

I have listed out some of the important reasons for why your children need to learn abacus in detail below.


What is the important factor that you need while playing , learning or doing any action? Its CONCENTRATION. Without that you will not be able to succeed in any of your actions. Learning Abacus not only help your child to learn basic operations, your kid will be able to calculate in their mind itself through the VISUALIZATION technique , which is considered as a biggest plus.

From the name you might have known the process of it, yeah you visualize the abacus in your mind and then calculate the terms for the successful results. When children start to experience this regularly, they will get high concentration on whatever action they are doing in their day today life.

Analytical Capabilities

Let’s take an example, what would we prefer a video illustration or a text? All would go for Video Illustration as they are the action performing the operation. Similarly Child analyzes the sport with the formula matches up with the real life example and then solve the problem.

This makes him analyzing each and every problems occurring in life and he/she will be able to solve the problem in a simple manner. The analytical capability will get increased by learning calculation with this ABACUS.

Workout Tool For the Brain

Performing regular calculations sharpens the child’s mind and thus the results can be seen in his/her real life itself. Not only mathematics, this kids will be well versed in other subjects too.

Logical Reasoning

Apart from simple operations, they can perform decimals, integers, fractions very easily using this abacus. When they think logically, they are able to tackle any kind of situations in their life.

Photographic Memory

Children who learn calculation using ABACUS will never forget anything, as they involve themselves and then perform the calculations. The abacus training helps them to remember any chunk of information on their brain.

Speed & Accuracy

As i said earlier, speed and accuracy is one of the important factor you need while performing mathematical or any other calculations, by learning abacus you will be able to obtain high speed and accuracy in reliable and efficient way. As they visualize the factors, they are able to answer any type of problems rapidly and accurately.

Self Confidence

Children who learn mind calculation through abacus will have a self confidence in every action they do. When children are able to answer any questions with good speed and with the right answers all time, they get a self confidence among themselves. He will feel the confidence wherever he/ she goes.

Bottom Line

As I am aware of this ABACUS calculations now, i strongly recommend all parents to start teaching ABACUS for their kids from their early stage of learning itself as they can benefit you a lot when comparing to the normal calculation learning.

I hope the above important points might have helped you to understand about the importance of ABACUS and why your children need them from their earlier stage of learning.

You can share your ideas and queries regarding ABACUS through the comment section below.


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Sivakami San is a SEO Analyst and a raising content writer with a strong passion for 2 years. She is content writer for GMAX, is a world-class abacus training for kids in India. Sivakami writes various niche blogs for various fields like SEO, Technology, Education, Health and so on. You can follow her on LinkedIn.

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