How to Discover Your Children Abilities to the World?

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Every kid has a unique talent within themselves, as a parents it’s our responsibility to identify the abilities and make them to execute it successfully, at their earlier stage of their  life itself. Every kids differ from each others in activities, color, height, weight etc, and will have some unique skills. Some kids stay dumb and few other would be naughty from their initial stage of development itself.

I have seen parents discouraging their kids when they are doing too much of mistakes or when they stay dumb, which should not be done. May be you can find something unique in such activities too, which can make them special and unique from other child. Here are some of the best tips to bring their abilities and talents out.

Find Your Kids Interest

The first thing you need to find from your kid is that, in which activities they are interested in,check in what type of activities ,they spend too much time and discover new things from it. If you are having any doubts, buy something related to the activities and test them, let them experience it so that you can understand their interest easily.

Let Them Make Mistakes

As we all know the proverb  “failures are the stepping stone to success”, similarly you need to allow them to do mistakes, this will help the kids to learn a lot from it. If you force your kid to be perfect then he/she will never indulge in any risk in their life, this will make them more dumb.

Find out the Answers for Their Questions

If a kid is not asking any question, i would say that, there is something wrong with them. They used to ask a lot of questions to us, some questions may look silly, but the fact is that, asking question will make them creative and different from each ones.

While asking questions, you need to sit along with them and find the answers for the questions.

Sharing Your Work Life

Sometime you need to take them to your office so that they understand for what purpose you are involved in ,during your office hours, this can make them to involve them in their favorite activities too.

Playing Games Altogether

If you find that,they are interested in some game, involve along with them and play together , observe them ,how they are playing and what are the unique things they do during the activity.

Focus on their Education

While they are doing their homework or learning anything, sit along with them, this will tend their eagerness to study and also they would know how much interest you have in their studies.

Allocating Separate Room at your Home

Let them show up their creativity, share them a room in which they can play, establish their uniqueness, to learn something new and so on.

Provide them Open ended playing items

Give them play items like toys or something that will help them to bring some innovation with, if you kid is at an earlier stage, provide them building blocks, this would bring out their creativity and uniqueness.

Never Compare your child

Comparing your child with another one can give deep hearted feeling and negativity in your kid’s heart. So never compare with other, rather finds the abilities and make them shine among other children’s.

Appreciate them

If your child do anything creative with lot of mistakes, never disintegrate or discourage them, rather encourage them and help them to finish it completely. This will give a positive feeling and they will not do the same mistakes the next time.

Separate Room For their Awards and Creations

Have a room for placing their creative works and the awards they get, this will help in increasing the eagerness of achieving something all time.

Surprise them

Whenever they are doing something creative, innovative or unique, surprise them with activities like providing gifts, taking them out and so on, this will help the child to do more creative things.


Apart from the above things, the important thing is to accept your child as they are, maybe your child lag behind in some activities, but they may be expert at some other activities, so never feel bad or sorry for it. As a parent you need spend time with them, express your love and care for them, find out their abilities and make them shine in the activity.


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