Things that You should do for Expressing Your Love Towards Kids!

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Express Your Love with Kids

Can you guess, what would a kid expect from their parents? Money ? or any other costlier things or any valuable items?

No!  All they want from you is Just your LOVE & AFFECTION.

I have seen parents leaving their kids in some daycare or in any of the neighbor’s home while they go for their office works, have you ever thought of your kids, how much they would miss your presence? Whether the daycare teacher or your neighbour can treat them as you do? Would your kids accept them as you are?

This is the major mistake every parent do in their kid’s earlier stage, but the fact is that kids are in need of their parents during the initial stage, they will be expecting your love, kindness and care. I would say even if you are 100% successful in your office, but failed to show the kindness, love and care to your kids, then you are definitely zero in your life.

What can you do to your kids to keep them happy?

May be you are busy in your business or any other works, but it’s mandatory that you spend some of your time with your kids, here are something you can do daily to show your love to them.

Mobile Phones

Nowadays, we could say people are living with smartphones rather than with human being, the time spend on smartphones are high when compared to the time spent with their kids, friends or family. I know all would agree with me.

Switch off your mobile phones, when your kid is back from school, as kids would expect their parents to ask for what has happened during their class. Having your mobile phones on will distract both you and your kid, which will tend to have a negative impact on you.  

Spend time with your kid rather than watching TV

Many of the kids used to watch tv and have their food, this will lead to obesity as their concentration would focus on just the tv, without doing this just off the tv and spend some time with them, discuss any of their favorite topics, entertain them.

Bedtime Stories

Read some stories or sing to them to make them sleep, most of the kids love and expect from their parents.

Physical Love: Show Your Warmth & Affection

Hugh and kiss them daily or whenever they are in trouble, this would give a positive feel among them and make them to come out from the issue easily. Kids love the physical warmth feel from their parents.

Team them what is love and affection

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach them the meaning of love and affection, this can be possible just by showing it to your kids, love them, care them with affection, this would be the greatest feel ever for your kids.


While talking to your kids, look them straight as eye to eye contact, this will improve the attention of your kid.


Your smile would heal their any type of worries, if your kids do something wrong too, don’t take the smile from you as they would feel nervous and has the high chance of ending up in a wrong way.

Be a Role Model

You should be a perfect role model for them, as you know children’s imitates the things you do.

Decision Making

Allow them to take decisions, if you feel they are doing something wrong, correct them, this type of love is also mostly preferred by the kids.

Playing with them

Kids will expect the parents to play with them, they like to have fun with you, spend their time with you, they will expect the deeper love and care from you and many more, this can be satisfied once you start play with them.

Never Interrupt during their talk

If your kids are saying some stories or any other factors, hear to them, admire them, how they are delivering the stories, encourage them and small sign of love would give more happiness for your children’s.

Bottom Line

Love and happiness can heal any type of your kids problems, so never stop showing the kindness and love that you have for your kids, this would help them to grow as a strong, loveable and perfect kid.

How did your parents love you? Any interesting facts? Let us know through the comment section below.


Author Bio:

Sivakami San is a SEO Analyst and a raising content writer with a strong passion for 2 years. She is content writer for GMAX, is a world-class abacus training for kids in India. Sivakami writes various niche blogs for various fields like SEO, Technology, Education, Health and so on. You can follow her on LinkedIn.

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