Things that Children Expect from Their Parents

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Parents and Kids

Hey guys, its nice meeting you all in another fantastic article, so today we are going to know what children’s are expecting from their parents.

I have seen many parents running after their works without even considering their children’s, I assure you that a child’s happiness itself are their parents. Its easily seen in a child’s face, whether they are happy or not.

Many excuses from the parent who are running after the work and money is that they are just doing it for their kids life, but what is the use of your money when they are  not getting your love and care? What if he is not growing properly? What if he decide something negative by seeing your activities?

All will end up wrong! Prevention is better than cure, this proverb suits for you too parents, who are not looking your kids and running after you work for money. Here are some things children expect from you.

  • They need your time, they like to share all the things that has happened in their school or the daily activities they face.
  • They need your hugs and kisses wherever you go, imagine your child’s day start with your love, he goes happily to school,learn many new things and activities, he needs your time to share those feelings and activities with you.
  • They need you to say bedtime stories. when they sleep they need you at any cause.
  • Children need nutritious food for them to grow up well, and they need their parents to do it and feed them at same cases.
  • Nurture them when they are not OK, say positive words, they will love it.
  • When it’s dinner time, you need to talk something that will make him happy and encouraged.
  • Let them to play outside and have fun with nearby children’s so that they can learn many new things.
  • Cuddle them and do your favorite activities together, this will make them happy and loved.
  • Leave special message in their lunch box or when you go out.
  • Care them specially when you are in midst of a group of persons or somewhere outside, this will make them feel special and encouraged.
  • Care them, so that they will learn the discipline, how to behave and many factors.
  • They need their parents to accept them as they are, they never like comparing them with another boy or girl.

Apart from this, there are many things that children’s expect from their parents. As a parents it’s your responsibility to make then and grow as a good boy or girl, make them wise by showing your love and care towards them.

A single cuddle from their parents makes them feel so good, they will expect these from both mother and father. Children’s are so wise that they understand each and everything as their parent follow, so be careful and handle them properly for growing them as a fantabulous kids to the world.

I hope this will really reach the mother or father who is not caring their children just for their work. Trust me, show your love and care and see the difference in your child. They will really shine in the midst of other kids.

So you can too share your interesting experience with us? What your kids expect from you? Any interesting things to share about thes topic? Please leave your valuable comments in the section below.


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Sivakami San is a SEO Analyst and a raising content writer with a strong passion for 2 years. She is content writer for GMAX, is a world-class abacus training for kids in India. Sivakami writes various niche blogs for various fields like SEO, Technology, Education, Health and so on. You can follow her on LinkedIn.

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