7 Fun Workouts for Kids

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7 Fun Workouts for Kids

The contemporary digital generation has a much more sedentary lifestyle as compared to the older generation. One of the major concerns among the parents, today, is that their kids are not leading an active lifestyle.

With the advent of the web, getting the kids away from the electronic gadgets is extremely tough. So getting them to go out and play actively is even tougher.

But you should try and inspire your kids to take care of their bodies right from an early age. You should teach and remind them that the good health is the secret to one’s happiness.

To make your little tykes get moving, here are some fun workouts that they will love to perform. Just take a look.

Go for Shuttle Runs – You should place a tennis ball or a cone as a single mark on the floor and organise a five marker about 30-40 feet away. Then the children should pick up one marker and run in the reverse direction with it and put it beside the marker that they started with. They should repeat this for all the markers. Once the kids are done with all the markers you should go ahead and place back the set of markers like before 30-40 feet away. Kids can go ahead and assist to set things up in this case. You can opt for different types of footwork in order to make the task fun for the kids instead of just running like backpedalling, grapevines and shuffles. To go back and forth they can also use crab walks and bear crawls. They can also workout after running down to the markers but prior to running back in the reverse direction. They can do things like completing about 5 repetitions of squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups or burpees every time.

Practice Yoga Together – Yoga classes involving both the mother and the children are actually popping up almost everywhere these days. This is a great way to bond with the little tykes of yours and know them better. Moreover, it also helps to introduce your kids to one of the most effective practices of overall wellness.

Let Them Go Hunting – This can be an organised hunt game played inside your house or outside spread over a large area. It can be played indoors or outdoors according to your convenience. You can just hide treats or toys in a variety of places and start your kids off from the first place. You can make it more exciting by writing a puzzle in each place that will serve as the clue for your kids’ next hunt. If the gifts are placed quite afar from each other, your kids will have to undergo a good run.

Try Cross Over Relay – This is a great combo of run and throw that can challenge your kids and their friends to enhance their fitness level. You should divide the team into 2 and mark a start and destination line. The destination line must be within a throwing distance from the line of commencement. Then you should make the kids stand in a single file, one beside the other, behind the commencement line. When you announce “Go”, the first kid from each team should run carrying a basketball to the destination line. As soon as the kids cross the destination line they should turn and throw the ball to the next kid. The team whose all the members get go to the other side of the goal line first and stand in a straight line wins the game.

Send Them for Zumba – Zumba class is so fun that nothing related to it feels like working out. It is for this reason that it is super fun for the kids. Naturally, they enjoy to the core while learning the new dance steps and at the same time getting some physical activity in the process.

Teach Them Gardening – The modest activities like gardening happen to be a great source of exercise. If you don’t have your garden just get the mud, some pots and sapling and ask the kids to plant the saplings themselves. This is a great workout session for the kids.

Enhance Fitness with Jumping Rope – Jumping rope is one thing that is simply loved by the kids. You can start by showing them how to do a basic jump where they use both feet to jump the rope. Then you can teach them to use alternate feet. Eventually you can let them advance to the jumping rope jumping jacks and criss-cross jumping. For this, you have to first know the tricks of doing all these yourself. But there is nothing better to inspire kids and make them believe the significance of being fit than you yourself doing the workout with them.

Developing healthy practices like working out and taking care of one’s health including regular visits to the doctor’s and child care clinic are crucial for making your children aware of their importance of a healthy body. The above workouts will help your kids stay healthy in an enjoyable way and assist them to continue maintaining a fit body as they grow up.


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