The Influence of Reality Shows on Students These Days – A Reality Check

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The Influence of Reality Shows on Students These Days - A Reality Check

In a world of constant struggle, anxiety and rat race, an average human being tends to seek nothing but a pinch of entertainment and recreation at the end of the day. This is where the concept of television shows or reality television shows to be precise, comes into play, especially in today’s date. From entertaining singing and dancing competitions to TV shows that revolve around challenging games, missions, and live interactions; reality shows have made its presence felt everywhere. It has gradually entered the realm of digitized entertainment and is unlikely to fade out anytime soon.

While the target audience of most of the reality shows tends to vary with its nature and contents displayed, students from all across the globe comprise the greater chunk of it. Now the question is where is this very concept of enhanced and thrilling entertainment heading to, as far as its impact on students is concerned? Is it influencing the students negatively or does it have a positive dimension too? Here is an explicit explanation of this very phenomenon impacting students in different ways.

The Positive Effect of Reality Shows on Students

  • Bridges the gap between ordinary and extraordinary: Most of the reality shows on television is about the struggle of an ordinary boy or a girl who happens to rise to fame after overcoming all hurdles and excelling in the competition. This somewhere intrigues students to be more competitive and makes them believe that fame and global exposure is not only limited to the celebrities. Any man can achieve it with dedication, focus and hard work. 
  • Helps students become more interactive and organized: Reality shows are mostly associated with live interactions, participating and excelling in all challenges and competitions and the likes, This, as a result, might just inspire the young generation to become more interactive, organized and develop better problem-solving skills on drawing inspirations from their idol participants. 
  • Makes students more confident and independent:Chances are that students are more likely to idolize their favorite participants and winners of the reality shows. This, as a result, might just inspire them to follow their footsteps, stay confident of things they do in life and take a call independently, based on strategy, intellect and dynamism.

Well, it is to be mentioned that even though there are certain mentionable perks and impacts of reality shows on students, one cannot afford to overlook its negative impacts on the millennial generation.

The Negative Effect of Reality Shows on Students

  • Certain reality shows keep students behind the veil of falsity: Most of the reality shows are scripted, monitored and controlled by the associate executives. But most of the students or the younger generation to beprecise at times falls prey to such misconceptions and tend to believe the scripted reality end of the day. This, in the long run, could mould their psychology, affect lifestyle and behavioral traits. 
  • Certain reality shows could give rise to real-life accidents and death:There are TV shows like Fear Factor, Survivor, America’s Got Talent and the likes that involve certain stunts, daring activities and challenges which may intrigue the younger crowd to a level of frenzy. This, in the long run, could cause dangerous accidents and can even trigger violence and aggression among students out of competitiveness, ignorance and misjudgments of circumstances. 
  • Affects academics and ruins educational productivity:Involving too much into reality shows can actually affect the academic productivity of students to a great extent. Both viewers and participants are equally affected in this matter. There are certain shows designed specifically for the young participants. Their involvement in the shows would affect academic productivity, classroom attendance, missing out on assignments, seeking last-minute homework help in haste and the likes. On the other hand, the viewers hooked on to the shows are likely to ruin their productive hours being a couch potato, only to end up being loosely prepared for annual examinations and class tests. 

To Wrap Up

Well, it’s a known fact that as long as the people of the world will continue to encourage paid entertainments, thrills, and adventure, reality TV shows shall always contribute to their needs and demands in every possible way. While we cannot completely blame the reality shows for the negativities that are spread, it is to be mentioned that the younger audience must be taught no to misuse the freedom of swiping televisions channels and involve themselves into activities that could cause significant harm to their growth and psychology. However, as long as reality shows are watched in moderation, without allowing the consequences to cause harm and psychological damage to the students, a healthy entertainment is always welcome.


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