6 Tools That Help Students to Read More at Home

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Tools That Help Students to Read More at Home

With the improvement in technology, our education system has also changed. Universities, schools and institutes are following many techniques which can help students to learn faster and easier. There are many free tools like Google docs which make it easy for students to complete their writing assignment even at their home. They also learn many things like editing, using different fonts online. It can reduce the burden of writing assignment from the students.

Here we are listing few tool and websites that are very helpful for students:

  1. Whooos Reading

This is a platform where students can feel motivated to read at home. This can be used to improve student’s comprehension, Grammar and other important factors of writing. This will provide a complete report of log minutes and pages the students read, so the teacher can evaluate a student by the level a student has completed and the progress he has made. It is also used to ensure that literacy is getting supported at home.

  1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia which consists a data of thousands of articles. It provides articles to the students when they want to get some information and know about some specific topic. This helps students to complete their assignment and increase their knowledge with some detailed information.

  1. Newsela

Newsela is a Content Platform that supercharges reading engagement and learning in every subject. This is said to be every teacher’s most powerful learning tool. This is a platform which can be used by student, teachers and also by the principals. Most of the English tutor in Singapore or in other countries and cities also prefer this tool to be used by their students. You can find information on many categories like science, mathematics, social studies and other. Quizzes, annotation and writing prompts are also available on the website. If you are looking for educational apps, check out these 5 learning apps https://smiletutor.sg/5-must-have-learning-apps-for-primary-school-students/

  1. Useful Science

This website provides you all the information about science. It includes everything from health, fitness, and nutrition, to productivity, happiness, sleep, and creativity.

  1. Academic Earth

This website is having a huge collection of academic options for students from traditional to contemporary. This the one of the best websites if your students want do online degree courses in accounting and economics and they also have many engineering field and behavioral psychology subjects. With all these informational stuff, they also keep student’s interest in mind and has videos and podcasts of all subjects.

  1. Khan Academy

This website is maintained by Sal khan and his team who have earned the popularity by creating self-paced, free, source of online education that has become an industry standard. This website provides the easiest path to students who wants to begin learning any new topic of their choice. It can also be followed by adults, teachers who really wants to improve their technical knowledge or learn about subjects such as entrepreneurship.

These are the best tool and website which can motivate students of schools or universities to read more at home. These are also very valuable tools to improve the basic knowledge of your students.

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  • February 6, 2018 at 10:54 am

    I’m really a big fan of Khan Academy. The work they are doing is really commendable. Good to see their name of this list!


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