Advantages of Learning Foreign Language With Your Kid

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Learning Foreign Language

There are a lot of quotes regarding knowing different styles.  Famous German writer and statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said that those who don’t know anything of foreign languages don’t know anything of their own. Bulgarian proverb says that the more words you speak, the better person you are.  These are just some of the thousands of quotes about speaking a foreign language.

Language is one of the essential things in the world. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to read or write, so basically it is necessary.  But more than that, we are also able to connect with people and make friends thanks to language.

The beauty of language learning is primarily in that. When you are speaking at least one more, then you are not anymore limited to get to know only the people who are speaking the same language as you, but it is possible to expand the circle of friends.

If you have kids and you are planning to start developing your skills, one of the greatest things you can do is to learn a language with them together.

Learning Apps and Other Ways to Learn a Language

Of course,  there isn’t a rule of a thumb when a person should start, but t has been proven that the benefits of learning a foreign language at a young age are enormous.   Generally, various research shows that kids who are learning more than one language show much stronger cognitive and problem-solving skills.

There are many learning apps that you can use together, and some like Duolingo, for example, are also free.  Using something of like that is not likely to turn you or your kid into a super fluent speaker, but It will give you an excellent basis to move on.

Better Performance in School

It is never too early to start teaching kids a foreign language. The earlier you start, the better it will be. Little kids are like sponges; they absorb everything. Therefore, even if your little one is at the age when they can say only a few words in the mother tongue, they will quickly pick up another one as well.  Relying on the research conducted by the Wager Group , website CISION PR Newswire states that travel helped around 59% of students who travel achieve better results in school. Furthermore they say that around 80% of children who combined education and travel showed greater interest in things they were learning in school. 

Improving Reading Skills

One of the fantastic benefits of studying a foreign language for kids is that it improves their reading skills. As they are reading in two languages, they are more used to it, and it is easier for them.  Also, if you are a bilingual speaker, reading to them in both languages interchangeably while they are also looking at the story will be super helpful.  You can also create baby keepsake books in several languages and then go through them together.

Brain Powerlifting

You know how you have to exercise to keep your body healthy. It is also essential for children to do some sports or be engaged in some outdoor activities. In the same way, they must exercise their brain, and there isn’t anything better than learning a foreign language for children.   Studies show that children who have been exposed to a second language have more gray matter, which is responsible for memory, perception, speech, and processing information.

Native Accent

The sooner you start with foreign language activities, the more significant are the chances your little one will sound like a native speaker. This is because children have a super-sensitive hearing that allows them to pick up the trickiest and smallest things. They are also imitating anything, so they will correctly do it by listening to the voice from learning apps.

Better Perspective on the World

Kids who are speaking more languages and have opportunities to travel are in a better position to understand the world around them. When we have the chance to see and experience things that we learned about in school, in completely changes the perspective. Additionally, when they have an opportunity to meet people from other countries and make friends, this makes a big difference in their understanding of the world. 


As you can see, there are many reasons why you should start learning languages with your kids. Or if you already speak more than one, convey this precious knowledge to them. It will be fun but also necessary later in life. It is essential to know even that languages and IT skills are becoming most important in different professions and that by doing this, you are ensuring a better future for your kid.  Remember, using various learning apps is an excellent place to start. Are your kids already learning another language? Are you planning to learn more together?


About the Author

Betti Wilson  is a journalist living and working in San Diego. She grew up as bilingual because her mother is French and father American. Now she has three kids, and they are bilingual. Besides this, all of them are learning Italian. She believes that a person is valued for the languages they speak. They also have dogs, and they often travel altogether.

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