How to Deal with Your Children when They Bullied?

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Bullying Kids

It is a very important and necessary topic to know and discuss. In modern times, as technology grows, the problems also get increased along with growth. Children gets addicted to the technology gadgets which has both advantages and disadvantages too. If fixed to a problem, they don’t have strong guts to stand against it.

In spite of fighting, they take a very wrong decision without even thinking about their parents or future. Among that, the most critical point to note is to know whether they bullied or not. If bullied, they immediately take wrong decision of quitting life. So let’s see how to deal with their child if they bullied.

What is bullying?

Bullying is an aggressive and adamant behaviour which lasts a serious issue. A person who bullies others will treat the other person who bullied in a very wrong manner, thereby creating a lot of problems.

It includes various actions like teasing them, behaving rudely, forcing them to do something, in which they don’t have interests etc. By doing this both the person, i.e.) one who bullies and also one who bullied will be affected.

How to know whether your child bullied?

Bullying most commonly occur in schools. So if your child has the following signs then it resembles that they bullied at schools.

  1.      Your child prefers to go school daily and all of a sudden if they refuse to go school, then it means your kid bullied at schools.
  2.      Your child is basically active always but suddenly if changes in behaviour like moodiness and agitation is seen then it means that they bullied.
  3.      If physical complaints are occurred then it denotes they bullied.
  4.      If their sleeping pattern is disturbed.
  5.      If peer interactions are avoided.
  6.      If mentioning that they feel alone at school.
  7.      If their academic excellence is reduced in performance wise.
  8.      Blaming themselves for all things done.
  9.      Being lone anxious or depressed.
  10.      Having an argument regarding suicide.
What not to do if your get bullied?

Don’t make them realize that you have come to know that they bullied. If known they feel disgusting and never come forward to speak about the problems. As we have seen that bullying is occurred mostly in school, concentrate on what you can to do solve your child’s problems.

Get help from teacher, about who your child is favourite for. Avoid assumptions that this might be happened so he is not normal etc. Conform about the reason for his moodiness. Don’t discuss to other kids about this problem.

How to deal with your children if they bullied?

Ask them what is problem with the changes of their behaviour and advise them friendly to sort out of the problem and to come out of it. Teach them to take things sportive. Build up self confidence in them and get motivated to do good things.

The Parents Magazine is giving complete guidance you what to do when your kid is bully.

Final Thought

If bullying is done friendly or playfully it is okay. But if doing something is going to hurt others don’t prefer to do. So if your child bullied by someone, follow buddy system to make them recover from the incident and ask them not to repeat the same with the one who is reason for bully.


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