5 Inevitable Skills Every Student Needs to Develop

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5 Inevitable Skills Every Student Needs to Develop

Modern education system seems to be challenging for majority of students. To be specific, there are two major reasons that make education more challenging; the first reason is that the world is changing from industrial economy to knowledge economy, and the second reason is the exploding increase in world population. To cop up with this situation, students need to study many things, beyond their prescribed syllabus. To motivate new generation students, the current system of schooling, added with the inculcation of curriculum and syllabus must undergo change.

Traditionally our education system mainly focusing in 3R which include reading, writing and arithmetic. But there are many inevitable skills the students need to focus, because the future of a nation is mainly depending upon younger generation. We can see that the whole world is changing over the years and it is inevitable to abide with innovative curriculum.  By making comparison with the past years we can identify the changes within curriculum constriction and usage of innovative teaching aids.  So, it is important to develop some skills by the students to cop up with this situation. Some skills are indicated and described below.


Generally, language is primarily used as a medium or tool for proper communication and interaction. Nowadays, the importance of communication is increasing because it is difficult to survive without communicating with others in the modern context. Communication is the way to share information and to bring forth mutual understanding between two people. Without communication, it is very difficult to make mutual understanding. So, it is important to concentrate in communication according to students, because the future of a nation is mainly depending upon younger generation, especially students. So, students need to develop their own communication skills.

There are many barriers for effective communication. One of the main things is cultural barriers. In this case the active listening is important.  As far as a student is concerned, multiple ways are used to develop communication skills. To be specific, language, especially one’s mother tongue is primarily used as tool for communication. When a student gets enrolled at a school, he or she gets chance to learn more languages and it leads to the ways towards the development of different skills related to language acquisition.


The concept of entrepreneurship is related with business. Most of the people think that the term entrepreneurship is apt for grown up people. But the situation changes and most of the students show their interest and capability in this field. The self-encouragement in this field has the ability to develop a nation and students itself. The elements of entrepreneurship are creativity, passion innovation etc. The students can easily develop these skills by training themselves. It will help them in their future. So, it is important to develop these sills in student’s life will enhance their future.

For instance, a student who is deeply interested in entrepreneurship can easily grasp the essence of business deals. One can see that inbuilt talent and related interest in entrepreneurship can help the student in later years. There must be provisions within school complexes to attract the students with entrepreneurial skills and to develop the same with job-oriented vocational courses. This idea is highly innovative because education can be utilized as a tool to gain entrepreneurial skills and grab related opportunities.


The importance of problem solving capacity is very important in every one’s life. Because without this quality it is very hard to lead a prosperous and peaceful life. Making a solution for a problem is very important in a student’s life. Being a student, there will be many problems around them. By seeking help from others will decrease their ability to solve simple to complex set of problems. So, it is important to develop a problem-solving skill from a young age itself. It will help them in future also. Without a problem-solving skill he/ she cannot shine in their academics. A student with the capacity to solve problems can find apt solutions for unexpected problems in day to day life. By dealing with other students and elders and trying to solve their problems, students can easily gain dominations over problems.

Leadership Quality: 

Leadership quality includes motivating, directing, influencing etc. It is important to set and try to achieve a goal in life. To a student, it is important to lead a team in a class. So, it is important to experience leadership skill from school itself. It will improve interpersonal skills among children. So, the leadership quality is very important in a student’s life. It also helps them in their future also. It also improves the decision-making power and productivity of a student. The student who has the leadership quality will have the ability to organize things much better than other students. One can see that leadership quality is important in almost all fields, but extreme level of leadership is arrogance. So, it is better for students to realize that leadership is the effective way to coordinate and motivate a group, not to dominate. This sort of self-realization can help an individual with leadership quality that democratic leadership is suitable for a group to function like a machine.

Digital Literacy: 

Digital literacy is also a skill a student needs to learn, because mastery over the same is essential to survive in the modern world. Digital literacy will help to review, utilize, create new information etc. Today we can see that digital literacy is important in every walks of life. It helps the student to understand the basics of technological innovation and to implement the same in daily life. It mainly explores the world of imagination and creativity for the students. It also plays a very important role in the career of a student. So, it is important to have mastery over digital technology by the means of digital literacy. If not, digital divide will create more problems within the process of learning because even classrooms are transforming into virtual format and there is chance for going back to the traditional mode of instruction.



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