Basic Social Media Mistakes by Local Business!

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Social media mistakes

It is truly difficult to find an individual or an enterprise that does not have a Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook company page – but small or few medium enterprises should beware of! Just because everyone uses social media or social networking channels does not make it a useful promotional as well as marketing tool. Even, sans a smart strategy, committing human as well as financial resources to a social media campaign might cost you huge, draining the resources as well as generating the negative return on investment. Here, in this blog post we are about to discuss ten basic social media mistakes or errors that most of the local businesses do.

  1. Spreading Yourself Very Thin – Building a strong social media presence and building a robust reputation takes time. It is not a single day job. You need to work hard to do or accomplish it. To do this, you need to have enough people who are engaging with people on a regular basis, and to interacting highly informative as well as provocative messages to stand out from the crowd. It is difficult to do this in a single social media platform, let alone 2, 3 or 20. A smart small or medium business, knowing their internal resources are very, very limited, taking on one platform at a single point of time.
  1. Having an Undifferentiated Strategy all time – In the time enterprises make mistake number 1, they start taking the shortcuts, normally in the form of technically sharing the same type of content on each of their platforms. For example, use Facebook or Twitter to say or announce that sales promotion as well actions shots your products. This not only gives your users a clear reasons to follow, but also helps them understand the application platform(s).
  1. Not Responding to Comments to visitors – Your visitors are always welcome. Their comments are also welcome all the time. It is no doubt amazing how many enterprises cannot remember their social media is social. Most of them only believe that sharing the content or other things only the essential things on social media. In the time an individual reaches out to your enterprise with a comment, you should not forget that. You should respond them immediately, as quickly as possible and thoughtfully at the same time.
  1. Controlling the Message all time – The majority of enterprises do mistake by viewing their social media accounts as ad platforms. On social media, bona fide thing valued highly. It is also perfect to admit a mistake or error, ask for assistance and respond honestly to criticism. Most of the companies not willing to do this, and whether your company is one of their companies, either transform your attitude or look for another way of online marketing.
  1. Not Yet Giving to Get – GIVING TO GET is one of the keys to get success in different social media platforms. This is a unique strategy that requires a generous spirit. Many small sized companies of repute succeed in social media in the time they go out their way to assist people by giving useful content, share important pictures and other things that are powerful and have utility to others. This not only helps improve conversation but also involves people buy and sell products and services. 
  1. Selling More and More – Social media users do not like cold selling, better to say hard selling. In fact, most of the people use social media platforms to escape the commercialism. Therefore, you should not try very hard to sell your products and or services, there would be a backlash in this regards. Again we say that social media is social, so you should think from this perspective. One of the best ways to generate the sales is to create the relationships with your friends and community people with the help of social media, and then you can introduce your products, services, even your ideas of doing business with them.
  1. Not Selling Sufficient Numbers or Volumes – If you are not attempting to sell by way of your social media campaign, then you are doing a big mistake. Your selling strategy should be fixed with sufficient volume, which means the number you are about to sell and the amount to not to sell at al. Whether you see your social media campaign is going or performing well, then you can add more on it. This could be the way to build a credibility as well as brand awareness at the same time. If you do a smart business, it helps your business improve gradually with sufficient leads and revenues with the help of social media accounts. 
  1. Failing to Leverage Your Skills and Knowledge – Small and medium organizations know many things about their products or services, including their markets and audiences. This knowledge and skills, when utilized through social media, helps you attract the interest of potential customers. In the time your business, be it small or medium one delegates its social media campaigning properly to a senior person or an expert with high business skills and knowledge, these potential customers will be attracted, and may additionally conclude your entire organization is experienced as well as competent, which other businesses do not do.

To sum it up, it can be said that many small and medium sized businesses of different types have been on social media or social network for long time have no idea how will their social media marketing campaign work and whether it is working properly to get the benefits from it. They most of the time do practical mistakes or errors that harm their social media marketing strategy. Moreover, for the purpose of revenue generation, brand awareness as well as credibility building, other online marketing options might produce far better as well as quicker outcomes, for example PPC ad and email marketing. You can study those mistakes described here to ensure an error free social media marketing. One thing you should keep in mind is, you should not put many eggs in one social media basket.


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Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Hiring Web Developers. He would love to share thoughts on Services for Digital Marketing, Game Applications Development etc..

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