The Ultimate Guide to Write a Dissertation Proposal

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Dissertation Proposal Writing

Before writing the post about how to write an effective dissertation proposal, we must understand that what actually the dissertation proposal is. A dissertation proposal is basically the main outline of your research, the intention of your topic selection, the agenda which you are going to follow while writing a dissertation and the plan which your supervisor is going to use to check the feasibility of your upcoming research for dissertation writing. It can also be used by those who are going to fund your research if in any case, you need an investment.

The question which emerges in our minds can be that what a good proposal may contain? An effective dissertation proposal must carry sufficient knowledge about the field you have selected and the logical information about how your research is going to be fit with the existing research results, references and relevancies. It is not important to keep your dissertation proposal to a specific length, it lingers somewhere between 2-5 pages depending the capacity of your research, the information you have collected and the level of your study. If you are confused about how your topic demands, you can check with your university’s existing studies about that specific field to get an estimate. Besides that, the tips we have collected are equally beneficial for all the UK dissertation proposals.

The Contents of Dissertation Proposal:

It is a general practice that various universities offer the students proposal forms with clear questions to check that whether you are ready for that level of study or not yet. It is a great tool to check students’ abilities in one go but if it is not the case, we are stating here the main ingredients of a dissertation proposal which are essential to write a high level proposal without any missing information.


Abstract is needed when you are going to cover a vast topic which demands lots of information. It is basically the outlie of dissertation and the proposal as well. You can call it the summary of your dissertation proposal. Title page can also be included in detailed dissertation proposals but generally it is enough to give title at the first line of page one. (the header)


This actually explains the title you have chosen for your study and also the importance of your research topic. Introductory lines must be interesting enough to draw the attention of readers also it should explain a bit about the background of your study to enhance the feasibility and value of your dissertation.

Literature Review:

Review means, you have to give a summary of the most relevant theories which are being used in your research. You are not supposed to stuff this part with lots of knowledge but you must mention about the recent progress in this field of study.

Proposal Agenda:

Agenda, as you must understand by the name, includes the methods you are going to use for your research. Basically there are two types of methods which are used to collect information about the topic; Qualitative and quantitative. The Qualitative assessments include live interviews, hermeneutic approaches, and ethnography whether quantitative means to collect data through questionnaires and static surveys.


Timeline basically present the things which are taking place so this area will include the brief outline of all those activities which you are going to conduct for your research. You can add brief summaries of all of your chapters and the checkpoints or milestones which you are going to use to measure your progress.

Resources Requirement:

This area will be showing the list of resources which you are going to utilize for your research. You should also mention the material, the budget, funding source and the estimated and used finance. In other resources, you can add your skills and additional training which you are using during this process.

Ethical Statement:

There are lots of studies which require a human subject and when you are using a human being for any research process, you must keep the ethical values concentrated. You will have to tell that how your study will be beneficial for the subject and what can be the hurdles during all the research.

Expected Results:

What actually are you anticipating that your examination will reveal, and what are the potential crevices in learning that could come about? Generally speaking, how would you think this approach will add to existing learning of the subject?


Bibliography is very important and you have to add reference citation according to the proper format.

Tips to Write an Effective Dissertation Proposal:
  • Make sure to write in a way that people would appreciate you for your creativity and uniqueness. Your research proposal will be overviewed by many admission officers and those who are funding it. Make it effective and impressive.
  • You have selected a field of study, and chosen a specific problem to demonstrate. Now it should be your prime goal to create a relevance among the two of them also you will elaborate that your study is practically effective to the relevant field and general public.
  • There is a common mistake about all those who attempt to write a dissertation proposal that they show over ambitiousness which is not good. Stay within your resources and limits, state only those milestones which you are going to achieve practically. Keep in mind the timeframe and set your goals according to that.
  • Proofread carefully when you are done with your dissertation proposal. Keep one thing in your mind that mistakes and errors are not accepted at this level of study. Your content must be grammatically correct and impressively written.
  • Format should be strictly followed when you are writing dissertation proposal. You can get samples from your university. Make sure that you are following the pattern completely.
  • Make sure your content is showing of the standard of your academic achievements, it is not the time to be humble. Show your best skills and do not hesitate to attempt your most polished capabilities.

If you will follow these tips, you will definitely create something exceptional. A dissertation proposal is the most initial step which becomes the base of your final dissertation. Try to showcase your capabilities about the field you have selected.


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