How Parents And Teachers Can Train Young Children?

How Parents And Teachers Can Train Young Children?

As we all know parents are the first teacher of a child. So it’s the responsibility of the parents to prepare a child for real life and for their future. A parent gets enough time to mold their child and make them ready to face the world which is outside the home. When they get out of the house a teacher gets that chance to develop good thoughts in a child’s life. Teacher takes the place of a parent and put all his effort to bring good behavioral skill into the child’s life.

Both parents and teachers must give importance to the child’s thoughts and opinions. When they get priorities they naturally adopt good thoughts and good behavioral pattern. As we all know children have the capability of imitating. They imitate what they see and hear. So every parent should try to use good words and they have to be positive towards many things. So if parents act positively and politely child will adopt that skill too.

Spend time with children

As a parent, they have to give importance to their child. Have a talk with them ask about their likings and dislikes ask about their friends and school activities. If a parent shows the importance to their children’s activities they will feel important and they will feel like friendly which is very important. As a teacher it is also very important to understand the mentality of the student.

Teacher as a psychologist has to evaluate their student’s mind if they feel dull and low teacher have the responsibility to understand the problem and give a solution for their problem. If they do any wrong both teacher and parent should correct it and should show the right path.

Encourage them in creative activities

The main thing that a parent and teacher should do is encourage them. A child is born with creative art and creative thoughts so it’s the responsibility of parent and teacher to encourage their child. Child have the skill like drawing painting interest in sports and arts so some parents don’t encourage them they give stress to studies but it’s the responsibility of parent and teacher to encourage it. If they get encouragement naturally it will boost their confidence and they will show interest in studies too. If they face discouragement they will not concentrate on any matter. So parent and also a teacher should encourage them. It will help them in the future.

Let them face failure

We know that parents always want to watch their child winning. But he or she cannot face victory at every stage. So we have to make him understand that failure is the part of success. Failure is not the end of life it’s just a beginning and the sign to do ore hard work. In this process parents and teacher plays an important role. If they accept it they can easily accept failure in the future. They will not get into depression. So at the beginning of life itself, parents and teacher should put such positive thoughts in their mind.

The teacher can use some technological devices and moral stories in their curriculum. Parents also can say some stories while sleeping which will have some moral and it will surely influence a child’s mind and behavioral.

Maintain a good relationship with a teacher

As we know the teacher is considered as the second mother of a child. And a parent is the first teacher of a child. So the teacher and parents should work together to build a good citizen. To bring positive and good thoughts in a child’s life both teacher and parents should work together.

A parent should maintain a good relationship and good rapport with the teacher. A parent should keep in touch with the teacher and should understand the class activities of a child his improvement and his developments as a human being and as a student. The student should understand that parent and teacher have good relation and parent will not help him if they have done any wrong.

These are some strategies through which we can build a good citizen. To develop good behavioral skill and to build a good base for future both parent and teacher should work together. The parent should visit their Children School monthly which will be the positive effect on a child’s education system. So in every aspect teacher and parent plays an important role in children life.

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