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Math is needed in every field. Everywhere we need to work on calculations, use numeric, and make other uses of math. MyCalcu brings you some awesome calculators to fulfill your needs.

Math – An Introduction

Math is a ubiquitous knowledge that finds its applications in almost every field. There is no domain of knowledge where there is no use of language. Math is one of the oldest areas of knowledge and with the passage of time its need has grown manifold. Other ancient areas of knowledge have gone to the background and nobody knows about them today. But the case of math has been the opposite.

It has grown in bulk and scope. There were new fields added to it, new concepts became part of it. New ideas came to it and became an inevitable part of it. Its specialty is the ability to absorb and give new dimensions to every field of knowledge. Though it has been of no direct use in itself, it is applicable in every field.

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In ancient times, it was used in logic, philosophy, medicine, architecture, finance, etc. and now it is used in hundreds of fields. Now, it can be broadly divided into two portions which are pure mathematics and applied mathematics. These two, as evident from their name, are differentiated based on the application.

One is related to theory and posits based on theoretical grounds. While the other one focuses on applications and practical experiments. There are no experiments in algorithms, fractions, number systems, etc., while geometry, trigonometry, stats, etc. involve direct applications and then the verification of theories posited.

Math is taught on various levels. At some levels, it is compulsory where every student is supposed to take math courses. While at some levels it is optional, and a student can take it based on their interests. On the professional level, it is used in different fields and comprises part of compulsory courses because of its applications.

If a student is going for engineering, they will necessary, have to study math. If they don’t do so, then it wouldn’t be possible for them to grasp the concepts. The same can be said about management sciences. There the learner can’t proceed without math. If they do so, they won’t have an idea of what the field is about and how to apply it in the real world.

The Need for Math

Math is not a luxury rather it is a need. One can’t live a smooth life in absence of math. If there were no math, we wouldn’t have been able to have the concept of money and any proper system of exchanges. There wouldn’t have been any concept of business and thus inability to get the needs fulfilled. In this sense, it can be called one of the precursors of human civilization.

Human beings started to become civilized once they came to know that not everything needs to be snatched. Instead, they can make a proper deal to ensure that they get something for what they give. This led to the concept of barter, loans, and different forms of exchanges. This is where we can say the idea of profit and other related concepts originated and the era of peace commenced.

math calculator

Math has been of great use in architecture in ancient times and this continues till this day. Now, it has got more complex and involves interaction with other different fields to ensure that the results are the best. Engineering and architecture use math as the basic foundation of any practical work.

Math is used today in banking, finance management, and business studies. There is no field where math doesn’t have its use. In computer sciences, it has the basic role and if there is no math, there are no binaries. If there are no binaries, then it means the computer system won’t be able to operate.

Teaching and Uses of Math

As said earlier, it is taught at different levels. The levels where it is taught as a compulsory course means that it is the most needed. Though the significance of that taught as an optional course doesn’t mean that it is insignificant. Rather it is used more on a professional level.

Every one of us has a family and needs to manage finances. It is not possible for each of us to arrange a financial expert to accompany us every moment and then make calculations for us. We need to manage our household budget and spending. This can be done if one has basic knowledge of math.

Likewise, one will be able to work on other basic calculations if one can work on math. This makes life easier and convenient. In professional fields, it has many uses, some of which were discussed above.

Some of the Best Math Calculators

Due to the importance of math, there is a range of calculators available to make calculations conveniently. This range varies from simple to sophisticated calculators. We have worked on finding the best for you. Here you go!

  • MyCalcu

MyCalcu is a free calculator repository where different kinds of calculators are available. The user won’t need an account to work on the calculator. They will just open the calculator and work on calculations. One of these calculators is a math calculator. This is a simple calculator needed in daily life.

We need to work on percentage calculations on daily basis. Sometimes it is about the calculation of tax, other times we need to check for an increase in pay. While other times we want to know how much of the funds we have spent. This calculator will help you with all these calculations.

They have given an easy tutorial on the use of a calculator and the method of calculations.

Percentage calculator is a simple calculator that is available online for free use. This is an easy-to-use calculator which can make three different types of percentage calculations. These include finding the percentage in a specific number/amount, finding the percent amount of a number, and the increase in percentage by addition or reduction.

The user will have to input the data and click calculate. This will show the results which can be used for different purposes. Its simplicity makes it ideal for users of any age.

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