10 Most Wholesome Parenting Moments In How I Met Your Mother

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Can a TV series restore our faith in love and humanity? Well, there are some spectacular shows created in the history of the American sitcom that not only wow us with a beautiful plot and interesting characters but also give us something to remember them by. One of such shows is How I Met Your Mother or HIMYM!

The series ruled the television screens from 2005 to 2014 in which one of the main characters, Ted Mosby tells the story to his children about how he met his wife or their mother. The story takes many dramatic turns, includes humour, mystery and a unique structure that glues the audience to the show. But, one thing that many of the fans of HIMYM will never forget is the element of wholesome parenting moments in the show. Let us cherish them one more time through this article.

#1 When Barney forgives his mother

Parents do many things in life to keep their children safe. Sometimes maybe from the outside world and other times from emotional turmoil. Something similar was shown in How I Met Your Mother where Barney’s mother tells him all the lies. For instance, she never told him who his father was or why no one used to come to his birthday parties when he was a kid. At one point in the show, Barney’s mother’s lies could cost their close relationship but in the end, Barney forgives her. Do you remember why? Because Barney understood why his mother did all those things and told him all the lies. She was a single mother and wanted to protect her sons. She always wanted their happiness.

Have you ever experienced something like this in your life? Have your parents ever told you any lies just to make you feel happy and safe? I am sure they must have. Every parent wants the best for their children which is why they often act strict or even cold. So the next time you see your parents, remember this wholesome parenting moment from HIMYM and thank them for being who they are.

#2 The football game at Marshall’s father’s grave

Marshall was already shown as the kindest and compassionate member of the HIMYM gang. But there was this one element in the show that emerges a bundle of emotions in the viewers and I am sure Jason Segel, who played Marshall in HIMYM was also touched by this element. It was when Marshall’s father Marvin died and Marshall went to his father’s grave to talk to him and to maintain their tradition of listening to the football game on the radio, barbecuing and drinking beer. We all have certain family traditions that cannot be forgotten and this part of HIMYM reminds us to cherish all such traditions.

Another heart-touching thing that happened there was when Marshall came to his father’s grave, his brothers also showed up with the same idea. Soon, other mourners also joined them making it a happy, emotional event for Marshall. He realised how much he was like his father, the one who he idolized throughout his life.

#3 When Robin’s father agrees to come to her wedding

Every daughter wants her father to be there for her on her wedding day. After all, weddings are a wholesome moment for the whole family. A similar plot was shown on HIMYM which reminded us of a beautiful father-daughter relationship that we all cherish in our lives. In the show, Robin did not have a happy father-daughter relationship. Her father treated her like the ‘son he never had’. He yelled at her and always denied her affection. He also refused to give her his blessings at her wedding and then revealed that he was married to someone.

But later, he came to Robin to make amends and even offered to get a divorce if that was what Robin wanted. But, like every wonderful daughter in this world, Robin did not want her father to get a divorce. She just wanted his blessings and his affection. Seeing her dad agreeing to provide her with the same in HIMYM melted everyone’s hearts.

#4 Ted’s secret toast

Ted did not have a nice relationship with his parents. He was getting along with his mother in some episodes but never liked her boyfriend, Clint. The character of Clint had a certain insufferable hippy vibe that Ted never liked. He even walked out of his mother’s wedding because of that without giving a toast. But later he went to their door and gave the toast privately in front of his mother and Clint. It was quite a heart-melting moment for HIMYM fans.

There are times when our parents find it hard to get along with the choices that we make in our lives. Yet, they adjust and manage to support us. Sometimes, the same happens to us. At such times, we should act like Ted and be happy for our parents. Isn’t it?

#5 Marshall and Lily’s goodnight song

At the end of the series, Marshall and Lily had a little boy which highlighted the whole parenting struggle for the viewers. The show-makers very beautifully captured how new parents feel about their children and how they want to give all of their love and affection to their children. There are many heartwarming moments in HIMYM showcasing Marshall and Lily with their baby boy. For instance, when they were trying to take a family picture with their son or when it was too difficult for them to leave the baby alone at night.

But, one of the sweetest and most cherished moments was when the couple sang a good night song for their kid. There were instruments, characters and humour that showed how much they cared for their child. Every parent goes through the same in real life. They want to give their children the best childhood and all the love and affection of the world. The show captured it right!

#6 Barney and Jerome breaking the basketball hoop

Did you ever feel jealous of your sibling? Many times siblings tease each other by saying that parents love the other one the most. HIMYM portrayed the sadness and helplessness of a sibling who did not receive the love of his father and that sibling was Barney.

In one of the episodes of season six, Barney had dinner with his father, Jerome, Jerome’s wife and Jerome’s son who was Barney’s half brother. During dinner, it was revealed that the name of Barney’s half brother was J.J which stood for Jerome Junior. Listening to that broke Barney’s heart because his father was not there for him but was there for J.J. Feeling sad and infuriated, Barney stormed out of the house and started removing the basketball hoop in the front yard.

Jerome followed him in the yard and Barney got all emotional about how he felt, how unfair it was that J.J got everything but Barney got nothing. Listening to this, Jerome went inside and brought his tools to help Barney remove the basketball hoop. It was heartwarming!

#7 Marshall’s parents on a video call

The whole HIMYM community was in tears when Marshall’s father died on the show. But this connection was built because of many sweet and wholesome moments of Marshall’s father with his son. He always encouraged Marshall and supported him in everything. There was one scene in HIMYM when Marshall was trying to video call his parents but the event turned out all hilarious. At first, his parents stood too far away from the camera and then they came too close to it that just their eyeballs were visible.

The scene was quite minor but it is highly relatable to today’s generation. We all might have had such incidents when we were trying to introduce our parents to technology and it all turned out to be hilarious. Isn’t it?

#8 Lily’s dad gave her a teddy bear

There are times when parents are unable to deliver what is expected from them. Something similar was shown in the case of Lily’s father in How I Met Your Mother. He was not a perfect father and had disappointed Lily many times. But, Marshall asked Lily to tell him about the good news of her pregnancy. Even when she called her father, he made a calm comment and hung up. Later in that episode, he came to Lily’s door with a huge teddy bear.

Sometimes our parents might seem distant to us. But little gestures like these can bring us all back together! It was a small, yet heartwarming moment in the show that impacted the viewers.

Have you ever felt distant from any of your parents? Have you ever taken the first step towards them to shorten the distance? Think about it. If Lily would not have called her father that day, he would never have got the chance to show her daughter that he cared for her.

#9 When Barney became an uncle

Have you ever supported your sibling in something that you did not approve of? There is nothing wholesome than being there for your family and giving them the support they want. Something similar was shown in the series when Barney’s brother, James, was in town. He told Barney that he was about to get married to his boyfriend. Barney disapproved of monogamy and marriage and even tried to convince James to break up with his boyfriend.

But, the bright side of the plot emerged when James told Barney that he and his boyfriend were also adopting a baby. This changed Barney’s perspective as he thought how amazing it would be to expand the family and be an uncle. Barney even became James’ best man at the wedding. Sometimes a little change in perspective can lead to better relationships with our family. Try it once and you will feel much happier than ever before.

#10 Who wants to be a godparent?

Marshall and Lily were already so loving and compassionate for their son. They were experiencing the joy of parenthood but in one episode they wanted to make sure that their son would have someone with him if they passed away. Since Marshall and Lily cherished their friendship with Ted, Robin and Barney, they wanted their son to be with one of them. So, they decided to choose a Godparent for their son, Marvin, through a contest – “Who wants to be a Godparent?”

There were three contestants, Ted, Robin and Barney who were to compete to become Marvin’s godparent. It was hilarious and wholesome at the same time. It was not only Marshall and Lily who cared for their son but the whole gang was there for the child, wanting to give him the best of both worlds. No matter how carefree or distant the young adults seem, the joy of being a parent makes them enjoy all the responsibilities. It changes them to the core and brings up a positive, patient and compassionate side of theirs. What do you think?

Wrapping up

Diana, who provides dissertation writing services to college students says, “the whole idea of How I Met Your Mother was to depict how the whole gang was there for each other, just like a family. The show very delicately handled family issues like Robin’s relationship with her father, Barney’s relationship with his father, Barney’s mother lying to him, Lily’s struggling relationship with her father and Ted’s parents lying to him about their divorce and his grandmother’s death. While Marshall’s family was a joy to watch, they had their issues too.”

No matter how hard these issues were to portray, the makers of the show handled it all well and gave us some forever-cherished, wholesome parenting moments. They were a delight to watch then and I am sure will be a delight to watch even now. Because, no matter how old this show gets, the joy and struggles of parenting would remain the same. So the next time you binge-watch HIMYM, cherish these wholesome parenting moments in the show.


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